Academic Advisor – Australia/ NZ

Your Dream Job is Here

An Academic Advisors at Global Tree plays a very vital role in scaling up the business. The role requires a people person, a guidance counselor and a well researched expert in academics. Many students enter their college years without knowing where their career path is headed. Academic advisors help them through this difficult time by offering insight into how their decisions today can shape their lives tomorrow.

Advisors also play a key role in ensuring that these students gain admission to their dream colleges.

Australia and New Zealand are OECD nations and well ranked among the world’s quality of life index. Nearly unaffected by the 2008 recession, Australia and NZ are popular destinations for education owing to the ease of subsequent immigration and job availability after a Bachelor’s Degree in the country.

Key Responsibility Areas:

  1. Advise students about the courses in Australian Universities.
  2. Facilitate admission process.
  3. Should be able to convince and prepare students well.
  4. Should be out-spoken & proactive while dealing with the student queries.
  5. Good Communication Skills.
  6. 70% tele sales.


  • Location : Hyderabad
  • Salary: Best in the industry
  • Experience: Minimum 5 years in the similar industry
  • Role: Managerial.
  • Key Skills: Sales, Knowledge in Australia / NZ universities.

Why Global Tree?

Global Tree has prided itself on employee satisfaction ever since its inception, back in 2006. It is this commitment to its staff that has allowed the company to grow to over 200 employees across 9 cities with multiple branches. Global Tree is one of the fastest growing companies in India and is on track to double its total number of employees within the next year. Under pragmatic and strategic management, Global Tree is now one of the top players in the industry and is frequently cited in Forbes, The Hindu and Business Standard articles. With branches across the country, we provide the best of service to all our clientele and are rapidly expanding to meet the exponentially growing demand for our expertise.

Global Tree provides all its employees with the opportunity to grow and earn with the company. With a highly incentivized salary structure and plenty of promotions available, we are dedicated to helping our staff improve their corporate lives. 

The Benefits

Global Tree believes that Hard Work = Success. And it is this rationale that has inspired many of our incentive structures. We frequently offer the opportunity to visit the US, UK, Canada and Australia to our top performers on the company dime. These all expense paid trips are handed out periodically to our top performers. Whether it be to attend a educational seminar, a corporate conference or learn something new, we believe that the company is stronger when our employees are satisfied with their growth and have their finger on the pulse of the industry.

We endorse equal opportunity which is why the company, under top notch leadership, is a meritocracy. This spirit is what defines us as a company. Global Tree believes in promoting from within, and unlike many other companies, promotions are tied to targets achieved as opposed to once a year. Promotions are determined on a candidate’s statistics and his/ her commitment to the company. Since one of our main pillars is Education, it would be remiss if we didn’t mention that an employee who has been with the company for over 5 years, receives a stipend for the children’s education.

With offices across India, many of our staff have moved across the country, for various reasons, and remained with the Global Tree family. Ever-expanding, career trajectory at the company is only going one way. UP.

Our ideal candidate

We are committed to making sure that our staff has intelligent, hard-working, well-spoken individuals who play well with others. Team spirit and passion is what we’re all about here at Global Tree and these traits are best represented by the Global Tree family. Diversity is a big part of who we are and over 70% of our employees are women. Our employees come from all walks of life, with different experiences, career histories, varied years of job experience and from all over India.