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Best cities for Students in Canada

Canada is emerging as one of the most popular destinations for students from all over the world. The latest QS Rankings have put many universities from Canada in the top 100. Universities such as University of Toronto and McGill University have broken into the top 50 in university rankings. The popularity of Canadian universities among students interested to Study Abroad is not surprising, given the high quality of research, expert faculty and superior infrastructure and facilities at the universities in Canada. These universities not only boast of the best teaching and research but also sprawling campuses housed in some of the most happening cities in the country. We present a list of some of the best cities for students who Study Abroad in Canada, rated on scenic beauty, cost of living, accessibility, safety, social life and options for an internship.



Montreal is ranked 7th best in the world for student cities for students who Study Abroad in Canada as per the QS world ranking. The city which houses the world famous McGill University is a cultural hub with a largely cosmopolitan culture. Though the city has a largely English Speaking population, Immigrants from different parts of the world make this an eclectic mix. It ranks high on health care, quality of life as well as safety indices. The students who Study Abroad in Montreal can enjoy charming cityscapes combined with good architecture in its buildings.  The transportation system, which is run by STM (Société de transport de Montréal) and has over 200 bus routes. A student can travel across multiple routes on a single ticket.  On the social life front, Montreal has a number of options for the student to spend his weekend. A number of clubs, bars are available for the student and also a nearby ski village in Tremblant if you want to try your hand at skiing


Toronto is next on the list of best student cities for students who Study Abroad and has many claims to fame. To begin with, it is hailed as the most livable city by a number of rankings and independent studies. It has also earned itself the reputation of being the cultural capital of Canada and is famous for its food, fashion art, and historical monuments. The city, which is a favorite among students who Study Abroad in Canada is crowded when compared to other cities, but its diverse population and international culture make it an excellent choice for students from across the world. Moreover, it houses the world famous University of Toronto



Vancouver is another city to consider if you plan to study abroad in Canada, the city boasts of scenic backdrops, thanks to the Grouse, Seymour and Cypress mountains. These mountains are also a popular attraction for adventure seekers and skiers. These mountains attract tourists from all over the world.  The city has a number of options for students to spend their time on the weekend including a number of shopping options and recreation areas. The city also ranks high as a potential recruitment ground for major companies in Canada, making it popular among students.


Quebec is one of the most scenically beautiful cities in Canada and is ranked as a great place to live and study in for students who Study Abroad in Canada. This historical city boasts of a world heritage site, the Chateau Frontenac, which is the one and only city ramparts in the whole of North America. A great place for history lovers, the city is full of artifacts and areas which are full of historic and cultural significance. The city boasts of a number of options for students who study abroad in Canada and who love the outdoors including cycling, ice skating, sailing, hiking, cross-country skiing and many other activities


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