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Planning a timeline for Canada PR

Canada is in the news recently for all the positive reasons. Whether it is supporting the refugee’s cause, committing to increase the number of immigrants into the country, or having its cities consistently ranked as the most livable cities in the world. No wonder then that Canada is one of the most favored destinations for many and a Canada Express Entry is one of the most applied for PR programs.  The Canada Express Entry process is a multi-step and multi stage process which a candidate needs to follow in order to obtain a permanent Residence to Canada. To start with even before creating a profile for on the CIC website and entering the Canada Express Entry pool, the candidate has to make sure that he has the following things in order.

Language test for Canada Express Entry

The IELTS is the most commonly accepted language test for English, while one can also attach the results of PTE or TOEFL. If one is proficient in the French language then one can take the CPLB test for French language or the Test de Evaluation de Francis (TEF) and attach those results. The IELTS test has two versions, the academic test, and the general training test. Applicants for Canada Express Entry need to take the general training test. Global Tree immigration consultancy provides specialized coaching for IELTS and other tests. You will need to take the IELTS and have your scores ready before creating your profile.

Education Credential Assessment (ECA) for Canada Express Entry

Canada immigration requires that education credentials such as degrees and diplomas be converted to a Canadian equivalent for purpose of Canada Express Entry. Many applicants utilize World Education Services (WES) ( to convert their degrees. In order to do so, a candidate has to send copies of his degree or diploma certificates to WES. The candidate also needs to send academic transcripts to WES (This is normally sent by the university you studied in directly to WES. Global Tree immigration consultancy provides personalized assistance in obtaining a degree conversion through WES. The WES takes around 20 days to get back with the required documents so one must plan accordingly.

Police clearance

All candidates who have issued an invitation to apply and who are 18 years or older have to provide a police clearance certificate from every country where they have resided for more than six months. This certificate is not required for entering the EE pool, however, it is advisable to apply in advance, especially if you have stayed in countries like the USA, which take a few months to send the certificate.

Entering the Canada Express Entry Pool

Once the candidate has all the above-mentioned documents in place, he can create a profile and enter the EE pool. The candidate needs to create an account on the CIC website and follow the instructions to create a profile and enter the Canada Express Entry pool. Global Tree immigration consultancy provides personal assistance in the process of creating your profile and helps you to complete the profile in a simplified manner.

Getting the Invitation to Apply (ITA)

This step is essentially one of the most looked for events in the entire process. Every once in a while the CIC draws from the EE pool and all candidates who have scored higher than the minimum CRS assigned for the draw are issued ITAs. Candidates who receive ITA can apply for Permanent Residence in Canada.

Submitting the application for Canada Express Entry

In order for a candidate to submit his application successfully, he will need to get a medical done by a designated doctor and also submit the police clearance certificate. Along with these the candidate also has to submit documents showing proof of funds, proof of work experience, proof of education, digital photograph, and scans of his ID and passports. It is extremely important to follow this step with care as any mistake made here can lead to significant delays in the Canada Express Entry process. Global Tree immigration consultancy can assist you in making sure that all your documents are in order and that no mistakes are made at the time of submitting the application.

Payment for Application

After completing the application, the candidate needs to submit, which will take him to the payment page. The candidate will have the option of paying both the processing fee and the Right of permanent residency (RPRF) fee or just paying the processing fee at this stage. If he pays only the processing fee the candidate will be asked to pay the RPRF at a later stage in the Canada Express Entry process…

Waiting for Response from CIC

The waiting period for a response from the CIC for Canada PR through Express Entry can is a stressful time for many applicants as the applicant cannot do much but wait for the process to move ahead. An applicant for Canada PR through Express Entry can check for updates on his status on the CIC and ECAS websites.

Receiving the Acknowledgment of receipt (AOR)

The next stage in the Canada PR through Express Entry process is the receipt of the AOR. After the initial waiting period is over the candidate for Canada Express Entry is sent an Acknowledgement of Receipt (AOR) letter by the CIC. This letter is sent to the applicant’s Mystic account which he has registered at the time of creating his Canada Express Entry Profile. Most candidates receive the AOR within a few days after their application is submitted.

To know more about the process of applying for Canada Express Entry get in touch with Global Tree the most trusted immigration consultancy in India.


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