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How To Spot Fake Consultancies

It is a sad reality of our times that many fake and dubious companies, posing as an immigration consultancy, take advantage of an individual’s aspirations of immigrating abroad for bettering their lives, with false promises and commit heinous fraud against the innocent candidate after raising his expectations. Many students and individuals aspire to immigrate abroad in order to achieve the better life, and in their quest for doing so get in touch with various consultancies.  The primary purpose of an immigration or overseas consultancy is to assist these students and individuals, however, many a time these students fall into the clutches of a fake consultancy. These fake consultancies not only waste your precious time and defraud you of money, but also exact a mental toll on you causing you much needless stress and anxiety. It is therefore extremely important to do your due diligence and research all aspects of the consultancy, including online reviews and complaints against them thoroughly before signing up with them.

How to Spot a Fake Consultancy from a mile away?

Well, that is a million dollar question! If it could be as easy as spotting a fake consultancy from a mile apart, then we would not have these countless negative reviews and complaints of fraud against consultancies, that we see on various internet forums and social media sites right? Every time you open your Facebook, Quora, Yahoo Answers etc. there you see them in droves, below average reviews, complaints of fraud and a plaintive cry for help by the people who have been swindled by their consultancy, on which they had pinned all their hopes has turned out to be a fake! It is a common perception that it is difficult to avoid being swindled by these dubious consultancies. The reality, however, is far from it. There are a few simple steps that you can take to easily identify the authenticity of the consultancy that you approach.

How old is the consultancy?

This does not go to say that every newly established immigration consultant is out to perpetuate fraud, but if the consultancy that approaches has been established just a few months ago then it should definitely raise some red flags. A good consultancy would be one that has been in the business for a few years and has an excellent track record. Global Tree Overseas Education and Immigration Consultancy has been established in 2006 and has since then been a proven consultant for providing consultation to students who wish to study abroad and individuals who aspire to settle abroad.

Does the consultancy have an online presence?

In today’s world with everyone from florists to sweet shops having their own websites, it should definitely strike you as strange if the consultancy that approaches you does not have an online or social media presence. A surefire way of identifying a fake consultancy is a complete lack of internet presence. Very often these consultancies will not have a website or if they do they will have one which is very shabbily put together.Global Tree has a strong digital foot print on the internet with its own website and Facebook page, where consultants are available round the clock and clients are welcomed to post their honest reviews

How are the reviews for the company?

When you run an immigration consultancy or any other service company for that matter, negative reviews and complaints are part of the territory and the company deals with it in the manner it deems best. However, if the consultancy you are researching has its reviews mainly skewed towards the negative side, then you definitely need to take a re look at your decision of hiring that consultancy. As a contrast Global Tree has had largely positive reviews and negligibly low complaints of fraud from its client as will be evident from a visit to its website or Facebook page.

Does the consultancy have any accreditation s with International Organizations?

An immigration and overseas education consultant can be judged by the number of accreditation it has earned. Accreditations are a hallmark of a consultancy’s commitment to providing the best services to its clients. An important detail glaringly evident in a fake consultancy is the utter and complete lack of international affiliations and accreditations. Global Tree has earned a number of accreditation from international organizations such as the AAERI, PTE, Education UK, and other organizations. Global Tree is also affiliated with many top tier colleges in the USA and in other countries

Does the consultancy ask you to pay up front?

One way to identify a fake consultancy is by determining when you are asked to pay your fees. A fake consultancy will very often ask you to pay money upfront, even before any progress on your case is made, whereas Global Tree provides free initial counseling to all clients to help them gauge whether our services are the best fit for them. Moreover, Global Tree prides itself on its authenticity and attention to detail in every aspect of a client’s case.

Does the opportunity that the consultancy wants to interest you in seem realistic?

Who doesn’t want a good deal right? We all love it when we can get extra value for money, but keep your eyes open for deals that seem too exhilarating. If the opportunity for going abroad seems too good to be true, then it often is and in all probability, the consultancy is a fake one. Global Tree employs consultants who are frank and straightforward about the options open to you and will advise you on the best course of action based on your particular background and visa needs.

To conclude, spotting a fake consultancy may take some amount of research and due diligence from your side, but it is extremely important to avoid heartache later on. Any student or individual who consults with Global Tree or a similar top tier firm can do so with complete confidence that he is working with consultants who are not only best in their field but also completely committed to their success.

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