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Canada or New Zealand – Which Country is Better for Immigration from India?

If you are dreaming of immigrating to a developed nation, where you will be able to grow in your career, earn a good salary, and provide a healthy and safe lifestyle to your loved ones, you may be left confused as to which country you should immigrate to. Consider the two immigration favorite destinations, Canada and New Zealand. Which country should you choose for immigration?

Both are well-developed nations and both provide most of the perks of living in a wealthy nation, except for a few subtle differences. Let us consider a few of them.Canada vs New-Zealand for indian immigrants

Canada vs New Zealand, Which is Better for Immigrants

New Zealand

If you consider New Zealand for immigration, then you will be able to enjoy its pleasant climate, beautiful landscapes, and its strong, stable economy, along with a healthy lifestyle, not to mention the wonderful opportunities the country can provide for your family members with respect to finding good universities to study in, a good work experience and the ability to invest in a business. There are a number of visa categories that you can apply for if you plan to immigrate to New Zealand. Most immigrants choose to enter through the Temporary Work Visa for New Zealand, to apply for this visa you will be required to

1. Hold a valid employment offer, from a genuine employer in New Zealand
2. Have the required qualification, skills, and work experience that is relevant to your occupation
3. Should be able to fulfill the health and character requirements
4. Should be able to pay the visa fees for New Zealand immigration as required


On the other hand, if you are planning to immigrate to Canada, you will get the same values, such as a strong economy, modern and good quality lifestyle, free education and health care, among many other things. The country offers a number of visa programs, for those who are interested in moving to Canada, based on their reason for migration as well as their qualifications and work experience. Some of the visa programs for immigration to Canada are listed below

1. Federal Skilled Workers’ Program
2. Federal Skilled Trades Class
3. Canadian Experience Class
4. Provincial Nominee Program
5. Start-up Visa Program
6. Investor Visa Program

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Factors to Consider for Canada vs New Zealand

In terms of job opportunities, you will find that though New Zealand has many employment opportunities it is still way lesser than other countries such as Canada. The cost of living in New Zealand is also considered to be higher than in many other countries. In contrast, Canada can boast of more job opportunities, under different categories. The country has a flexible and easy-to-follow immigration policy, which makes it a popular destination for thousands of immigrants from across the globe. One can also expect to earn good wages and enjoy perks on par with the best of the world

If you are unable to decide then, you should look at your personal interests and likes and dislikes, if you are fond of vast spaces and large crowds, then you would be better off choosing Canada for immigration. Canada is a large country When compared to New Zealand, and has a much vast area as well as more Indian immigrants

Canada is also a magnet for those who are more social in nature, and love to mix with people from different countries and ethnicities than you should, choose Canada over New Zealand. However, if you are introverted in nature and are more interested in keeping to yourself, and would prefer living in a quiet place with fewer crowds, then will be better off opting to immigrate to New Zealand. Another advantage that NZ has over Canada is the weather. The weather can get very cold in winter in Canada, whereas New Zealand offers mildly pleasant climatic conditions throughout most of the year.

In terms of education, one will find that the quality of education is mostly the same in both countries. However, there are more universities in top-ranked spots from Canada than New Zealand. Moreover, many Canadian universities extend financial benefits to students who have completed their schooling in Canada.

Also, one advantage of moving to Canada would be easy access to the United States. Canada is connected through both road and air to the USA, and Citizens and PR holders can easily travel and find work in the USA

If on the other hand, you were to opt for New Zealand, then you would have the same easy access to Australia, as there is easy travel and work arrangements between New Zealand and Australia

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