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Global Tree Director Participates in Televised Debate on RAISE Act

Subhakar Alapati

Hyderabad, India – Aug 4th 2017: The director of Global Tree Overseas Education consultants Mr. Subhakar Alapati participated in a panel discussion on the proposed new Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment RAISE immigration act, in a popular regional news program.

Pratidhwani on ETV Andhra Pradesh and ETV Telangana, which was aired on 4th Aug 2017. Mr. Subhakar along with three other panel members, Mr. K Krishna Rao, Spokesperson for BJP, Telangana region, and Mr. Bharani Kumar, Secretary for Cyberabad Security Council. Mr. Subhakar answered questions posed by the host about the immigration situation in the USA in general and the concerns surrounding the proposed RAISE act, which promises to bring many changes to the US immigration system, making it merit based and on par with the Canadian and Australian Immigration System.

When asked for his views on the same, Mr. Subhakar Alapati of Global Tree sounded positive about the proposed changes. He opined that as the USA intends to assign points for factors such as youth, English proficiency, and range of salary, for most Indians it would be beneficial as they would score higher on these criteria. Mr. Subhakar went on to clarify that as most Indians go to the USA to pursue their post-graduation and doctoral programs, they would not only score high on the age criteria as they would mostly be in the 26 to 30 age group that earns maximum points, they can also score high on English proficiency as most Indians are well versed in English speaking skills. Mr. Subhakar also stressed that as many Indians already earn a salary, which is higher than the median salary in the US, they would have an advantage on this factor too.

Having spoken on the positive aspects of the proposed RAISE Act, Mr. Subhakar, however voiced a note of caution for Indian students who are planning for Immigration to USA, and said that it would be even more important to select the right university, pursue the right course for increasing their employability to qualify for immigration under the RAISE act or the proposed new H1b visa reforms. Unlike in the past, where students would flock to 2nd tier or 3rd tier universities in the United States, in hopes of settling permanently and obtaining a green card. Professionals too, Mr. Subhakar emphasized would have to develop the right skill sets and keep up with the latest technologies to score sufficient points on the ranking scale under the RAISE act. Finally concluding, Mr. Subhakar said that the proposed RAISE act would be a positive step for Indian Immigrants to the USA.

Click here to watch telecasted program in ETV News.

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