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US dreams for H1-B Visa holders, not so gloomy for attaining Green Cards says Global Tree’s Director Subhakar Alapati

Hyderabad, India- January 4th 2018 – In the Eenadu Daily Edition Global Tree’s Director Subhakar Alapati spoke regarding US immigration policy. US Government restricted the granting of Green Cards for H1-B Visa holders, each year to 50% which created a vacuum for the Indian Green Card applicants, who actually go for Study Abroad to USA and seek immigration to settle in US with permanent houses and have children born into families. The news triggered dismal in many Indian applicants but the other side of it is that, as much as the Indians lose from not being granted with Green card, this impact would affect America too as the nation already suffers from shortage of talented work force. The Indians will be welcomed home if they are rejected from attaining Green Card, because India is propelling on a high speed towards competing with developed nations, with developing economy, expanding the industries and requires the professionals to offer their hand in nation’s development. Pertaining to this matter Global Tree’s Director Subhakar Alapati says’ But to amend the proposals in USA for H1-B Visa holders, none can predict the period of time, which still keeps the hopes alive for now’. He added, America will not be hasty to lose the talented workforce which is mostly contributed by India.

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