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Read H1B Visa to Green Card Process News Released on DC Daily Edition an Article supported by Global Tree’s Director Subhkar Alapati

Techies have a way in Tech-Savvy US


Hyderabad, DC, 10.01.2018 – Cheering News for breath-held Indian Techies come along as a relief when Trump Government announced that they are not considering anything that would affect the Techies to be immediately deported. The news brings a sigh of relief for those applying for H1-B Visas, in which there were speculations that restrictions for extending the visas might be imposed. Global Tree’s Director Mr. Subhakar Alapati, in various panel discussions and press releases, and in Deccan Chronicle on 10th Jan, continued to positively speak regarding the same news, that US can never take such a random step to deport the Techies, and the plans pursuing US immigration is possible. In addition to that 45% increase in Green Card issuance is another positive measure which reduces the waiting period on a large extent, which was proposed by American House of Representatives. If it is passed as law, the major beneficiaries will be Indian immigrants to US and major chunk of it were from the twin Telugu states. It’s encouraging news for students who wish to study abroad in USA and further seek a work permit H1-B visa and then apply for Green Card. To read the complete news.

Click here to read about the News Article of Global Tree’s Director Mr. Subhakar Alapati in Deccan Chronicle News Daily Edition giving detailed information on H1-B Visa Process to USA to Green Card, many students prefer their Study Abroad designation to Canada and Australia.

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