Study In Poland

Study In Poland

Poland is a country with a history that dates back many centuries and the Polish people are some of the outstanding and hardworking in the world. The Polish culture lays special emphasis on attention to detail and innovation, as a result it is not surprising to see the standard of education in Poland is very high & the reason for international students interested to study in Poland.

Why study in Poland
With so many options available for overseas education, many students completely overlook Poland as a choice. However there are many reasons why pursuing your higher education in Poland can prove beneficial

1. Quality of Education
The Polish education system is recognized as one of the best in Europe. Special emphasis is laid on innovative methods of teaching and research from Poland has traditionally been the best in the world. Some of the world’s greatest scientists such as Copernicus have come from Poland. Moreover a degree from Poland is recognized in Europe and across the world.

2. Advantage of EU
As Poland is a member of the European Union, pursuing your higher education in Poland can put you at an advantage for career and immigration opportunities at each of the other twenty eight immigration countries. Moreover as Poland is part of the Schengen group you can travel to any of the other twenty six countries while you are in Poland. You can also use the ECTS or European Credit Transfer System to continue your studies in any other country of the European Union.

3. Extend Your Stay
It is possible to extend your stay after completing your graduation and look for a suitable employment, without having to go back to your home country and applying for a work visa. Upon getting a job you can apply for a blue card which will enable you to settle permanently in the country.

4. English Language Instruction
All courses are taught in English and the quality of education is on par with the best in the world. One more advantage is that, for some universities in Poland as long as your prior education has been in English medium, you do not have to submit results of IELTS, TOEFL or similar tests. However this advantage does not extend to all universities and its best that you check before applying.

5. Scholarship Opportunities & Financial Aid
A number of Scholarships are available on both merit as well as need basis for students who qualify for studying at universities in Poland. These scholarships are offered by both government bodies as well as corporate groups and universities. Many banks also offer easily repayable loans to students who wish to study in Poland to students whilst studying such as GE Foundation, etc.

6. Internship Opportunities
There are many internship opportunities for students who study in Poland. Companies and corporate partner with colleges to select suitable students for interning in positions related to their field of study.

7. Affordable education and low costs of living
Compared to some countries such as USA, UK, Sweden and Canada the cost of education as well as the cost of living in Poland is very less. Moreover you will be completing your under graduate degree in three years instead of four, which is the norm in other countries. As such the effective cost of your education comes down

Best 4 Universities in Poland to Study
Poland boasts of some of the top ranked universities where the quality of education is amongst the best in the world. We take a look at some of the exemplary Poland universities which are attracting international students from across the globe.

1. University of Wroclaw
The University of Wroclaw is renowned for its unwavering focus on the scientific research. Scholars at the university are linked through numerous means with other researchers across Poland and the world.  The quality of research from this university has resulted in it producing nine Nobel Laureates as well as many other award winners amongst its faculty and alumni.

2. Cracow University
Cracow University of Economics is considered to be one of the best schools of economics in Poland. A distinction it has steadily held for many years. It is a highly popular choice among students who wish to study economics. The university aims to combine practical professional skills with theoretical knowledge. The university has links with more than 200 international universities and is actively engaged in many student exchange programs.

3. Poznan University
The Poznan University of Economics and Business is one amongst the most prestigious schools for the study of economics in Poland. Established in 1926, the university has been at the forefront for development of innovation in higher education. The university lays a special emphasis on the quality of research and encourages students to approach problems with a scientific mindset. The university’s primary aim is the promotion of research and theoretical learning in the subject of economics. The university has the unique advantage of being founded by entrepreneurs and business leaders and lays emphasis on ethics, corporate social responsibility and academic insights. It aims to make its students ready for working in an economy that is equipped to serve the present as well as the future generations.

4. University of Gdansk
The University of Gdansk is currently, one of the biggest institutions of higher learning in Poland and the largest in the Pomerania region. The members of the teaching staff at the University of Gdansk regularly conduct scientific and scholarly research which can be considered to be on par with the best in the world.  The university has produced many scholars and scientists who have produced ground breaking research as well as award winning work. The university has eleven different faculties which cater to a student body of nearly 30, 000 students.

Student Visa to Study in Poland
If you want to study in Poland, you will need to apply for admission to a university in Poland and upon being accepted to the program you will need the following documents to apply for the student visa. You will need to complete the equivalent of a high school diploma for under graduation or a bachelor’s degree to apply for a post-graduation. This needs to be legally recognised by the qualified officer at a Polish embassy to demonstrate that the education is on par with the Polish education. You will also need the following documents for applying for a student visa

1. Visa application form that has been filled without errors
2. Passport whose validity has not expired
3. Official letter indicating acceptance to Poland university
4. A short resume of your academic as well as extracurricular activities
5. school certificates as well as diplomas
6. proficiency in English language in certain cases
7. proof of sufficient funds and proof of purchase of health insurance
8. Passport photograph

For knowing more about the procedure for applying to universities in Poland, reach out to our expert education consultants at Global Tree who can guide you through the process.