North West Territories PNP

Canada, North West Territories PNP Consultants in India

Potentially aligns with Canadian Express Entry and reduces the documentation process and also avails the PR for those seeking for immigration. This makes the process easier.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

The candidate must be eligible for at least one of the programs.  They are federal economic immigration program, Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Tradesmen, and Canadian Experience Class.

  1. Meet eligibility criteria for the skilled worker stream under the NTNP employer-driven program.
  2. Prove your presence in Express Entry Pool by providing the profile number, job seeker’s validation code issued by immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  3. Submit Expression Of Interest (EOI) to the North West Territories.


Eligibility Criteria for Employers under the Skilled Worker Stream

  1. Possess a registered business, industry, association in the North West Territories
  2. Provide proof of ‘Good Standing’ with North West Territories Safety and Compensation Commission and Northwest Territories Employment Standards office
  3. Able to offer a full-time employee to a foreign national (30 hours per week)
  4. Submit employment contract agreement that complies with Territories Employment Standards Act and doesn’t disagree with existing collective bargaining agreements.
  5. Submit the advertised proof of employment in local and national classifieds
  6. Comply with LMIA agreement
  7. Submit a proof of competitive pay, a rate of pay as advertised.

Eligibility Criteria for Skilled Worker Stream

  1. Provide legally eligible work status and a valid work permit if Migrate to Canada
  2. Proof of intention to settle in North West Territories
  3. Work in a NOC skill level O, A or B occupation
  4. Provide the certifications, accreditations for the occupation applied
  5. Show the certifications of formal education and training for specific position
  6. Proof of work experience required by employer as described in advertisement
  7. Good language proficiency of English/French
  8. Provide the proof of funds as government norms to sustain self and dependants for at least 3 months
  9. Certified bank statements.
  10. Along with above proofs submit the following copies translated into English/French readable and clear.

Birth Certificate
Marriage certificate
Birth Certificates and Passports of dependants


Consult our Certified and Licensed Global Tree Counselors and Advisers to make the process simpler and easier.