NorthWest Territories PNP

Northwest Territories Provincial Nominee Program

The Northwest Territories Nominee Program is administrated in partnership with the federal government of Canada and the provincial government in the Northwest Territories.  The Northwest Territories PNP is designed in such a way so as to help employers based in the Northwest Territories to hire international workers for their businesses. You can apply for the nominee program if you are interested in working and settling in the Northwest Territories.

Benefits of applying for Northwest Territories Provincial Nominee Program

There are benefits that accrue from choosing to settle in the Northwest Territories by applying for Northwest immigration

1. You can enjoy a high quality of life with your family
2. You can live in a multi-cultural environment with a strong Indian diaspora
3. You can gain work experience in Canada and can enjoy all facilities that are enjoyed by Canadian citizens
4. There is a huge demand for workers on account of a labor shortage across industries. The Northwest territories are a great place for finding new opportunities

Northwest Territories PNP -Eligibility criteria for nomination

The Northwest immigration program has a number of streams which allow individuals to apply for provincial nomination from the Northwest Territories for the Canadian federal Express Entry system to live and settle in the province.  The eligibility requirements and features of each of the streams is delineated below

Eligibility for northwest territories provincial nominee program skilled worker stream

The skilled worker stream allows highly skilled international workers to apply for nomination from the provincial government. However, in order to do so, you will need to meet the following requirements

1. You should satisfy the eligibility critieria for at least one of the economic immigration programs run by the Canadian government
2. You must fulfill the criteria for applying under the Skilled Worker Stream under the Northwest PNP Employer Driven Program
3. You should be able to furnish the acceptance letter that has been issued to you as a proof of being accepted into the Express Entry pool by the IRCC, as well as the job seeker code and the Express Entry profile number and Our Northwest immigration experts will guide you through the steps required for obtaining these details
4. You should have a bonafide and stated intention of settling in the province
5. You should be working in a Level 0, A, or B occupation listed under the NOC and must have all the required accreditation and certification for the occupation
6. If you have completed your education outside of Canada then you must get your transcripts verified by an ECA who is recognized by the Canadian government.
7. You should have sufficient ability to communicate in English and/or French.

Eligibility for northwest territories provincial nominee program Critical Impact Worker Stream

The Critical Impact Worker Stream is specifically designed to enable employers in the province to find international workers who have experience the in semi-skilled and unskilled occupations which correspond to NOC level C and D. if planning to apply under this stream you should have worked in the same occupation for not less than six months in a row. In order to be eligible to apply under this stream you should fulfill the following criteria.

1. You should have a stated and bonafide intent to settle in the province and contribute to its economy
2. You should be able to have the needed certification for carrying out your occupation
3. You should be able to fulfill the criteria for the licensing, or registration if any for your occupation.
4. You should be able to show proof of funds to a tune of 10,000 CAD for the primary applicant and an additional amount of 2000 CAD for each dependent.
5. Results from a standardized English/French language test must be provided to show your proficiency level

Eligilibility conditions for Canada immigration under Northwest PNP Entrepreneur Stream

This Northwest PNP entrepreneur stream allows business owners and entrepreneurs who are interested in Northwest immigration to apply for nomination from the provincial government. Successful applicants can establish their  business operations in the province and can live permanently with their families in the province. Applicants  from all economic sections of the society are eligible for  applying this stream, however, if you run a businesses then you will be accorded priority for  assessment under this stream, especially if you can come up with a product that is new and innovative.  You will need to fulfill the following criteria to be eligible under this stream
1. You should have a networth of at least 300,000 CAD out of which you should be able to invest at least 150,000 CAD in purchasing a business in the province if purchasing a business outside of the corporate boundaries of the province and at least 500,000 CAD if purchasing a business within the corporate boundaries out of which you will need to invest 250,000 CAD at a minimum.
2. You should be able to prove that you own at least one-third of the entity that you are planning to own or manage.
3. You should be able to provide a deposit of 75,000 CAD which will be held in a trust
4. You should be able to show that you have a reasonable understanding of the province and its territories.

Q). What is the criteria for applying for Northwest PNP
A). The Northwest PNP allows applicants to apply to under various streams and the criteria for each will differ depending on which stream you are applying for. To get a better understanding of the different streams we ask you to read the above content and reach out to us for a free consultation

Q). How much time will it take to process my application for Northwest PNP?
A). The time taken for processing Northwest PNP will depend on the stream that you choose to apply under and the specific details of your personal profile.  Reach out to us for a free consultation to know more about your prospects and timelines for the program