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Other Visas Consultancy Services in India

Visiting a different country can be for a variety of reasons – visiting relatives, taking a vacation, seeking medical treatment or just a regular business trip. With unprecedented globalization, international travel has become an essential part of modern society. However, the red tape and documentation required to facilitate such a trip can be quite a long and tricky ordeal. Between background checks, financial lookups, references, letters of intent and invitation, going abroad for a quick trip requires a fair amount of planning and execution even before you book your flight.

Global Tree is currently home to a specialist team of visa experts and process handlers to ensure that your visa application is problem-free. Servicing countries from all over the world including the US, UK, Canada, UAE, Australia, Ireland and a few hundred more countries, Global Tree reduces your workload while improving your chances of getting a visit visa in your first attempt.

There is wide variety of visit visas since each one of them is specific to the destination country. It is rare that two countries, apart from the European Union, have the exact same specifications and requirements for a visit. Each visa is unique and is processed on a case by case basis to ensure that every client receives personalized service.