Support Functions Page

Air-ticketing – Through its air ticketing services, Global Tree, works with the clients for arranging air tickets at competitive fares in low cost airlines or airline of client’s choice.

Foreign Exchange – Global Tree provides foreign exchange services and arranges for foreign exchange for its clients at the best possible rates.

Accommodation – Global Tree provide accommodation, and arrange for transfer from the airport at the destination city.

Integration – Global Tree takes adequate steps to ensure that the new immigrants are comfortable and are able to culturally integrate themselves in the countries and cities they chose to live in. It does this by providing periodical and updated information about various cities in the world through its website and blogs.

Research – The in-house research department constantly updates itself on the latest policy changes from immigration authorities and other current events of interest, and disseminates the same through its website or one to one correspondence.

Our support functions are what truly set us apart from other brands in the industry. While some companies devote all their energy into a single line of servce, Global Tree prides itself on its ability to provide consistent excellence from beginning to end. Regardless of your destination, Global Tree is well equipped to service your needs.