Immigration to USA - Showcasing Impact of Indian Diaspora at Howdy Modi Event.
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Immigration to USA – Showcasing the Influence of the Indian Diaspora at Howdy Modi Event

The Howdy Modi event at NRG stadium in Texas, Houston, was a perfect example of the growing strength of the highly successful Indian-American diaspora in the United States. Indeed the world witnessed as two highly powerful and influential global leaders, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US president Donald Trump, reach out to woo more than 50,000 Indian Americans from all walks of life. Many in the crowd were people who opted for immigration to USA, in search of a better life, and took advantage of the opportunity they got, to not just better their own lives, but to better the community around themselves. Over the last few decades, Indians in USA have been shining in each and every field, whether its IT, entertainment, literature, politics, or business, one is sure to find a person of Indian origin at the helm of a major company.

Immigration to USA - Showcasing the Influence of the Indian Diaspora at Howdy Modi Event

A certain section among patriotic Indians have always argued that moving abroad is ante-thesis to the Indian growth story. They have reasoned that the immigration to USA of many Indians has resulted in a brain drain that has taken away India’s opportunity for innovation and scientific growth. Many people deride Indians who choose to move abroad, and view them as betraying the country of their birth.

However the reality of Global politics has shown us a different story. Immigrants from India who have settled abroad have not only retained their love for the motherland, but have also actively worked towards making it better.

Advantage of US Immigration among Indians Highlighted At Howdy Modi Event

The Howdy Modi mega event held yesterday in Houston Texas, was the subject of main news headlines, not just in India, but also in the USA and across the world. From CNN to BBC, NBC, CBS, Guardian and Express, most of the major newspapers and media channels of the world were carrying this story. The Howdy Modi rally consisted of more 50,000 participants in the heart of Texas at the NRG stadium, and stood as a testimony of the strength of the Indian American diaspora and their influence on US politics. The presence of President Donald Trump, showed the world that Indians are a political force that cannot be ignored in USA. The Indian American influence over the political and economic landscape, signals that they are a force that needs to be reckoned with, when it comes to making political decisions with regards to passing laws related to US immigration and other matters that are likely to affect them.

The trade between the two countries is on the verge of reaching new heights as immigrants to USA from India, are settling in the country and leading their professional fields. Whether it is IT, scientific research, entertainment, medical or politics, one is bound to find someone from Indian origin at the top of their field. These people are using their influence and their voices to make sure that policies framed in USA are beneficial to India. Not just the influential elite, but also the common people among the Indian diaspora are forming a strong lobby of economic and social power, in order to help the government of India achieve its objectives of development and growth. The world is seeing the Howdy-Modi event as a testimony to Prime Minister’s Modi’s larger than life international image, however the true heroes are the Indian Americans who have opted for immigration to USA, and yet retain love in their hearts for India

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