Immigration to USA: H4 EAD - Democrats Introduce ‘Save H4 EAD Bill’
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Hope for H4 EAD – Democrats Introduce ‘Save H4 EAD Bill’

Many dependent spouses in USA who opted for immigration to USA with the primary applicant. are facing a potential threat to their careers, as the Trump administration is planning to revoke the authorization, thus causing them to become ineligible to hold jobs. It is expected that hundreds of immigrants, mainly women will be affected if that happens. However, two Democrats from California, Congress Woman Eshoo and Lofgren have brought renewed hope to the H4 community by introducing a bill in the Congress, which if passed could lead to the H4 Employment Protection Act.

Immigration to USA - Hope for H4 EAD

Immigration to USA – Reasons for H4 Employment Protection Act

Re-iterates the sufferings of H1B families as they are stuck in extremely long green card queues just because they were born in a specific country. The Congresswomen who have introduced the bill have put forward a strong argument that skilled workers should be accorded the right to pursue their own career goals and be allowed to contribute to the U.S. economy. The Congresswoman also added that a large proportion of people who opt for immigration to USA under the H-4 visa are highly skilled at their profession and that they obtain H4 Egad work permits based on their skills and experience. This helps them to share the economic burdens with their H-1B spouses. This option is extremely helpful for families who live in places where the cost of living is very high, and a single income cannot sustain the family.

Process for H4 Employment Protection Act

The H4 EAD rule, which was introduced during the Obama administration has seen, more than a lakh international worker benefit from the rule. The H4 employment protection Act would prevent the current administration from revoking the rule. According to Congresswoman Eshoo, the act is in keeping with the ideals of economic fairness and will ensure that H4 employment protection will continue.

In order to be passed into law, the bill would have to pass in the House of Congress, following which, it would have to passed by the senate and then signed by president Trump. Many highly skilled immigrants from countries like India come to USA and make significant contribution to US economy and need to be recognized for their contributions.

Another option at the hands of those supporting the H4 EAD is to file a lawsuit that seeks to protect the rule from revocation. It is expected that a non-profit organization such as Immigration Voice could go ahead and file a lawsuit against the Trump administration, if it goes ahead with its plans to revoke the H4 EAD. This is also being seen as leading to a highly positive outcome for H4 EAD holders.

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