B.A. (Moderatorship) Honours (Level 8) - Chemical Sciences

Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin
   Last updated 06/2023

About the course

B.A. (Moderatorship) Honours (Level 8) - Biological and Biomedical Sciences: In biology, which is the study of living things, we investigate how life originally came into existence. We look at the characteristics that set living things apart from inert matter, how the enormous diversity of life forms was produced, how organisms reproduce themselves, and how they interact with one another and their surroundings. Biology is crucial to comprehending the world in which we live and is also important in medicine. Modern biological science is revealing the secrets of life, assisting us in combating diseases like cancer and dementia, defending against novel viruses and drug-resistant bacteria, and defending ecosystems from challenges like climate change. Students will learn the key ideas that underlie all biological systems in this stream.


Bachelor Degree with Honours


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  • EUR �104796
  • INR 86,80,545


4 Year(s)

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