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Best SAT Coaching classes in Delhi

AT (Scholarship Assessment Test) is a prerequisite for students moving for overseas education. SAT is widely accepted in countries like the United States of America, the UK, Canada, Singapore, and many other countries. SAT scores are used by almost 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States and 85 other countries to assist them in finalizing the candidates in the admission process

If you are looking for the best SAT coaching centre in Delhi, then Global Tree is the right place for you. Doing a self-study for SAT can be tedious and challenging. However, when you take SAT classes at Global Tree you will be trained by the most experienced faculty who are committed to supporting students in achieving a top percentile in their SAT.

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Our best SAT trainers in Delhi provide premium services like:

  • Professional SAT preparation is available.
  • Latest study materials for the SAT.
  • Unlimited SAT practice tests and sample exams are offered.
  • A range of the best books for SAT preparation are given to the students.
  • SAT Coaching is available both online and in person.
  • Expert techniques for boosting SAT scores.
  • Personalized training to help you boost your grades.
  • The top score in the first attempt is guaranteed.
  • Career advice after the exam.
  • Think no more. Visit our Delhi branch located in Nehru Place to be trained by the best SAT tutors in Delhi.

    Which Colleges accept the SAT Coaching

    More than 2100 universities and colleges accept the SAT scores as a criteria for selection. Almost all the top universities including the Ivy League schools in America and universities like Oxford, Cambridge and Leeds in UK accept the SAT scores, apart from other prestigious universities. The SAT has grown to become a benchmark for colleges to determine a student’s ability to undertake the rigorous course work expected in a graduate management program. Some universities stipulate that SAT scores are a mandatory part of the selection process, while for some the SAT score is optional.

    Features and benefits of SAT

    USA is one of the front runners when it comes to quality of education. Out of the top 10 universities in the world, USA is the country with the highest representation. Ivy League Universities such as Harvard, Yale and Cambridge have been well known for their ability to churn out world leaders, Nobel Laureates and industry stalwarts

    Participate in groundbreaking research

    If you are studying in any of the STEM related fields then you should study in USA if you want to participate in cutting edge research efforts. The US universities have some of the best research facilities, highest research funding and experienced faculty as compared to other countries.

    Work while you study

    Universities in USA allow you to work for up to 20 hours at a part time job, on or off campus while you are pursuing your course of study. This will help you gain much required experience on your resume as well as partially help you with cost of tuition

    Be a global citizen

    Students who study in USA can experience diversity of different cultures first hand as most American universities have a significant number of students from diverse backgrounds. The universities also conduct a variety of social and cultural programs all through the academic to help international students.

    Be a part of a global network

    Most Universities in USA boast of really strong alumni networks, sororities and fraternities that you can tap into for your future career.

    Scholarships for study in USA

    Students who study in America are indeed lucky as they not only get to study in some of the best courses in the world but are provided a wide range of scholarships for pursuing the field of study they are most interested in. Some of the well-known and prestigious scholarships for Indian students pursuing higher education in United States of America are

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  • USA Visa Success

    USA Visa Success

    USA Visa Success For Fall Intake 2023

    We Heartily Congratulate the Students for Their Successful Attempt In Obtaining the Student Visa. We Hope They Achieve a Very Bright Future Ahead! Global tree Provides Numerous Services Regarding Students who wish to Pursue Education Abroad.

  • Reviewed By Students & Professionals

    Reviewed By Students & Professionals

    Reviewed By Students & Professionals || UK Universities

    Global Trees mission is to give professional services to everyone, regardless of their professional background. Our strengths are quality and devotion. Its uplifting and gratifying to hear these things from our alumni. Here are some of our alumni students who have shared their Global Tree experience.


Global Tree Milestones..

15 years of Global Tree's journey has been filled with many awards, accolades, and endorsements. Thousands of students' and professionals' success stories have always been our fuel to move forward. Here are the milestones of the Global Tree journey.









  • 2023 - Best Overseas Education Consultancy of the Year by Hybiz Tv @ Education Excellence Awards 2023
  • $ 12M+ Scholarships
  • 400+ Professionals

  • 2022 - 650+ University Partnerships
  • 30,000+ Success Stories
  • A Winning streak of Times Education Icon Award for 5th time in row
  • Got Authorization as TOEFL Test Center in Warangal

  • 2021 - 16 Pan India Offices
  • Received Times Excellence Award for Overseas Education & Immigration

  • 2018 - 15 Pan India Offices
  • 500+ University Partnerships
  • $ 10M+ Scholarships
  • Received Best Performer of the year award by Study Group

  • 2015 - Introduced Test Prep coaching Services
  • 200+ University partnerships
  • 10,000+ Success stories
  • Received AIRC & ICCRC certifications

  • 2012 -Introduced Immigration Services
  • 150+ University partnerships
  • Recognized by multiple media outlets

  • 2009 - 6 New Branch offices in 3 Cities
  • 50+ Team of Professionals
  • $ 1M+ Scholarships

  • 2006 - Launched by our 2 founders - Mr. Srikar Alapati & Mr. Subhakar Alapati.
  • With 2 men & 100+ satisfied clients in the first year



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