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SAT Coaching: The SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is used to determine eligibility for undergraduate (Bachelor's) degree programs. Most American institutions, as well as schools in Canada and Singapore, need this paper-pencil based test to evaluate students for undergraduate admission. It is the de facto admission exam for most of the world's best colleges.

Global Tree provides SAT training through an in-house team of professionals that give comprehensive SAT coaching for all students planning to take the test that includes expert tips, personalized training, one-on-one customized coaching classes, practice tests, sample papers, strategies to cract high score on SAT, limitless mock tests and many more.

Quick Details on SAT

  • SAT Test Duration – 3 hours 50 minutes (With Essay) Without essay 3 hours
  • SAT Test Dates – 5 times a year - March, May, August, October, and
  • SAT Sections –3– Math, Evidence-Based Reading, and Writing
  • SAT Maximum Score – 1600
  • Minimum SAT Score Required – No minimum score. Min 1000+ is qualifying for abroad opportunities

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Top FAQs Asked by Students about SAT Coaching

Here is the structure of SAT test.

Sections Score Duration No.of Questions
Evidence-Based Reading Writing 200-800 65-minute Reading section 52
35-minute Writing and Language 44
Math 200-800 25-minute No Calculator section 20
55-minute Calculator section 38

Here is the step-by-step procedure to register for SAT.

  • Log on to college broad’s official website to register for SAT.
  • Create your profile with all the details required.
  • After creating an account, fill in your details
  • Create your student profile with academic, high schools, extracurricular activities, etc
  • Choose the test date and center
  • Upload photograph and proceed to SAT Registration fee payment.
  • Verify the details and submit the application
  • Take a printout of the successful registration copy for future purposes.

Experts suggest that it is better to take SAT during or at the end of the 11th standard itself. Attempt as early as possible so that you can have enough time for another attempt or to proceed with the university admission process.

The easiest way to improve your SAT score is to focus on your strengths and create a personalized plan. Here are some fast ways to raise your SAT score.

  • Time management
  • A good SAT score is dependent on time management. It does not imply that you should only be 'quick.' Accuracy is also required. So take your time, think about the question, and then pick the best response.

  • Elimination is the guideline to follow.
  • In multiple-choice questions, either all four answers appear to be accurate or all four appear to be incorrect. Follow the rule of elimination to get out of the trap. That is, rather than looking for reasons why a choice is correct, it is preferable to look for reasons why it is incorrect. Eliminate it once you've come up with a compelling argument why it may be incorrect. Continue in this manner until you have only one right answer.

  • A glance at the Passage
  • The reading of passages takes the most time. It is simple for a rapid reader, but it is difficult for a slow reader. Focusing on the first and last paragraphs to comprehend the author's point of view is a better technique to accomplish it faster. Then, for the remaining text, read the initial and end lines to obtain the paragraph's mental indexes.

  • Know the Question types
  • Exams like the SAT that is free of gimmicks and traps are a pipe dream. The questions and prompts, particularly in the arithmetic portion, are confusing, and most applicants avoid the question by running around the prompt. The prompt is a description, and the question is the final section that you must answer.

  • Use choices wisely
  • It is recommended that you glance at the answers before beginning to solve arithmetic problems. You may be able to tackle the problem more efficiently or correctly. For example, instead of solving an algebra problem using a long equation, use the trial and error technique. It helps you save a lot of time.

  • Plan your writing.
  • If you write an essay that flows well, you can improve your grade. Organize your thoughts, decide how you'll deliver them, and then put them into action. Begin with an introduction and conclude with a suitable conclusion that summarizes all of the ideas from the essay's body. To gain a clear picture of your essay, make sure you describe specifics in the body. Never overlook the need for proofreading.

  • Practice
  • This is the most essential tip. Only through practice will you be able to apply all of the mentioned recommendations. The more you practice, the higher your score will be.

To get into top universities, at least a 1200 SAT score is needed. Above 1000 is considered as an average score.

  • SAT exam fee is $55 / INR 4,081
  • SAT Rescheduling fee- refund of $10
  • Change SAT Test Centre - $30
  • SAT Late Registration Fees - $30
  • SAT Registering by Phone - $15
  • SAT Waitlist Fees - $53

If you wish to reschedule your exam, you need to pay an extra $30 to avail of the service. Students have to pay $30 if they want to change their SAT exam to SAT Subject Test.

SAT scores are valid for 5 years. So students can start the preparation ahead of time and start their admission process by the time they finish the 12th grade.

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