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British Columbia Entrepreneur Program – A Complete Guide

The British Columbia Nominee Program for Entrepreneurs is one of the streams among the many streams of the British Columbia Nominee Program. This stream provides opportunities to entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in a local business in the province of British Columbia or to start a new business.

Moreover, the stream also grants opportunities to both business managers as well as business owners, in case they can come up with enough funds for business investment and sustain themselves and any family members who accompany them.

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What is the Entrepreneur Program for British Columbia?

The British Columbia Nominee Program has a specific stream for entrepreneurs which is known as the Entrepreneur program for British Columbia. This program is one of the best options for entrepreneurs who are planning to settle permanently in Canada.

It provides international entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity for setting base in a dynamically growing economy amidst a safe, secure, and welcoming environment. If you are successful in your application then you will get a nomination through the Provincial Nominee Program and will be able to apply for a permanent resident visa in Canada

Top FAQs Asked by Indians who Invest in British Columbia

The entrepreneur's program for British Columbia has the following three categories

  • Entrepreneur Immigration
  • Regional Pilot category
  • Strategic Projects category

This stream is intended for international entrepreneurs who are planning to set up a new business in British Columbia. The selection process for nomination in this system is points-based like the Express Entry system.

You will need to meet the following criteria to meet the eligibility requirements for this category

This category is intended for those investors who wish to start a new business in the regional areas of the province.

Eligibility criteria for a regional pilot stream

  • You will need to have a minimum net worth of at least 300,000 CAD, out of which 100000 CAD should be earmarked for investing in a business
  • You are required to have at least 51 percent ownership in the company that is set up by you in the province
  • You will need to have Level 4 of the CLB in English and/ or French for each of the categories
  • You should be able to employ at least one Canadian citizen or permanent resident

The strategic project category allows foreign-based companies to set up a branch of their operations in the British Columbia province. Five foreign professionals who can work for the business can be nominated for PR under this scheme in the province.

Eligibility requirements for this category are as follows

  • You should be in a position to make an equity investment of 50000 CAD
  • You should commit to creating three new positions for permanent residents and citizens for each foreign staff member
  • You should be able to start a new business on your own or buy one that has already been established and be able to expand it

You will need to have the following documents to apply for any of the above programs

  • Documents to prove that you have sufficient funds
  • Documents that prove that you have sufficient business and management experience
  • Documents that demonstrate that you already have or are eligible to apply for immigration to Canada
  • Your passport with the details and personal ID page as well as pages of visa stamps
  • Transcripts of all your academic qualifications

You will need to take the following steps to apply for the Entrepreneurs program

  • Make sure that you meet all the eligibility requirements for the category that you are applying for
  • Keep all your documents ready
  • You should register online for application on the appropriate website
  • You will then need to wait for your ITA, which you can get if you meet the required score
  • Once you have received your ITA, you will have to submit your final application along with your business plan
  • You will be required to go through an assessment process, which will mostly include an in-person interview

If your application is approved, you will need to sign a performance agreement and get

  • A work permit
  • You will need to establish your place of residence in the province within 100 km of the business that you are setting up
  • Establish a local business and manage it for at least 18 to 20 months
  • Submit your final report
  • Wait for confirmation of your nomination
  • Apply for permanent residence status for yourself and your family members
  • The eligibility criteria are different for each category of the entrepreneur's program and have been listed above. However, the criteria are subject to change and therefore we recommend that you get in touch with our Canadian immigration experts for knowing more about the exact requirements

    The time taken to apply for the British Columbia PNP will differ based on the category that you are applying for and your profile. We suggest that you get in touch with our Canadian immigration consultants to know all the details about how to apply for the program.

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