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Migrate to Denmark - Benefits, Application Process, Documents & More

Denmark is a Scandinavian sovereign state in Europe also forming integral parts of the United Kingdom. Denmark is located in the southernmost of the Nordic countries and southwest of Sweden, connected with the Oresund Bridge and bordered by south Germany. Also, Denmark has a large peninsula and many islands which made it a multi-diverse and cultured nation. It has one of the most competitive economies in the world according to World Economic Forum.

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Why Immigrate to Denmark?

The Scandinavian sovereign state, Denmark provides various perks for the immigrants. Here are the benefits of immigrating to Denmark.

  • Denmark is regarded as the happiest country in the world.
  • The net wage rate in Denmark is much higher than in other European countries.
  • Unemployment is only 3.5 %.
  • Even though Danish is the official language, English is spoken by the vast majority of the population.
  • Free education for children.
  • Low housing costs.
  • Low crime rate.

Top FAQs Asked by Students Travelling to Denmark

The Danish government has various visa programs for Indian citizens with various reasons to migrate like to study, work, invest, and more. Here are some of the Denmark visa types Indians can apply for.

Fast Track Scheme
The Fast-track Scheme is for larger businesses that can demonstrate a genuine demand for highly trained international workers from outside the EU/EEA region and Switzerland. Universities, as well as commercial and public enterprises, are included in this program.

Pay Limit Scheme
The pay limit scheme for Denmark immigration was designed for applicants who have been offered a higher-than-average wage in Denmark. It is not necessary to have a specific education or professional experience to apply for residency under the plan. To apply for this plan, you must meet the following requirements.

  • As of 2019, you should have been offered a job paying at least 426,985.06 DK each year.
  • Your wage and work contract should be following Danish standards.
  • With your application, you must provide a copy of your job offer that clearly outlines working hours, holidays, compensation, and other contract parameters.

Positive List Scheme
The Positive List allows applicants who have been offered a job through the Danish government’s positive list. A list of occupations that are currently experiencing a labor shortage is included on the positive list. A candidate who has received a job offer from the positive list is eligible to apply for immigration to Denmark.

Residence Permit for Researchers
Individuals who are interested in obtaining a Denmark visa and have been offered fully paid employment as a researcher may apply for a residence permit to live and work in Denmark.

Special Individual Qualifications
Applicants for Danish immigration who have a job offer that can only be fulfilled by them are eligible to apply for a residence visa to live in Denmark and work in their specialist sector. Aspirants in the following fields of work are eligible to apply for this plan.

  • Artists
  • Chefs
  • Athletes

The certificate of marriage/civil partnership should be attached to the application for married/civil partners. If you're not married, you'll need to produce two years of proof of cohabitation, such as an energy bill.

Here is the document checklist for Indians to get a Denmark visa

  • A valid passport
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Duly completed application for a visa
  • Travel health insurance
  • Flight itinerary
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Purpose of visit Proof
  • Proof of sufficient funds

The average processing period for a Denmark visa is roughly one month from the date of application. Each situation, on the other hand, will be unique. For a more particular and detailed response to your case, we recommend contacting our immigration consultants.

The cost of immigration to Denmark will range from 1000 DK to 5000 DK depending on the scheme.

Yes, provided your spouse has a valid residence permit, he or she can work in Denmark. You can contact us for a free consultation to learn more about finding a career for your spouse.

Here is the list of jobs that are in demand in 2024.

  • Software Developer
  • Crypto Developer
  • IT Security Engineer
  • Operations Specialist
  • Strategic Business Development Manager
  • Human Resources
  • Data Management

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