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Migrate to USA - Benefits, Application Process, Documents & More

The USA is a dream of sovereignty and eternal possibilities. This made the United States of America stand on the top of the destination list for Indian Immigrants. And if you plan on comparing America with any other nation, Sorry, but it is impossible. America has shaped into a huge nation with a diversity of cultures, a strong economy, excellent quality of life, and opportunities for everyone. Here is an end-to-end guide to “immigrate to the USA”.

Why Migrate to the USA?

Thousands of people apply for a US Green Card each year to seek their fortune in America. But what exactly makes immigration to the United States so appealing to them? The following are the most common reasons:

  • Quality of Life
  • Plenty of Job Opportunities
  • Better Education
  • Enhanced Lifestyle
  • Spouse & Dependent Visas
  • World’s leading economy

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Top FAQs Asked by Students Travelling to USA

As millions of travelers and immigrants enter the USA each year, the nation has a highly detail-oriented immigration process yet straightforward. So here is the simple three-step process to apply for USA immigration. But before, confirming the eligibility and proceeding with the application process as per UCIS regulations.

  • Depending on the reason for the immigration. Submit the relevant form at UCIS along with fees and supporting documents for a USA visa.
  • Schedule the appointment for biometrics and interview at the US consulate if required. Submit all the documents to the biometrics officer.
  • If any further evidence is required, make sure to finish the process by submitting them also. After the due process, UCIS will provide the status of the visa.

Indians need to apply for a non-immigrant US visa to enter the USA and work/study/travel/medical purposes. Here are the types of US visas for Indians.

  • H1-B Visa for specialty occupation workers
  • EB-5 visa for business persons and investors
  • E-2 Visa for Entrepreneurs
  • L-1 Visa for Intra-company transfer workers
  • EB-1 visa for extraordinarily talented workers like managers and executives or professors and researchers.
  • H-3 Visa for Trainee or Special Education Visitor
  • Dependent visa for spouses, children, and dependent common-law partners
  • F2 visa for students
  • H4 Visa for work-permit dependents for H-1 Visa holders.
  • L-2 Visa for work-permit dependents for L-1 visa holders.

The H1-B visa requirements include,

  • A Bachelor's degree or its equivalent is required as a minimum level of education.
  • It is necessary to have a valid job offer from a US employer.
  • 12 years of experience is required.
  • The employer must demonstrate that no other US citizen is available to do the job for which a foreign employee is being considered.
  • You must show that you can work in a specialty occupation.
  • The employer must file a petition for an H1-B visa on the ICERT website using Form ETA-9035 and Form I-129, stating that they will pay the non-immigrant a livable salary and that the foreign worker will be on a temporary work permit.

Usually, it would take a minimum of 5 years to be eligible for US citizenship on permanent residence status. Also, it is mandatory to be physically present in the USA for at least five years since you apply for citizenship. Also, the applicant must be at least 18 years of age and fulfill all the requirements for USA citizenship.

The cost of immigration to the United States is determined by the type of visa you seek. Contact us for a customized list of charges for the visa you are seeking.

The time it takes to process immigration applications varies depending on the type of visa you are applying for, your profile, and the consulate from which you are applying. To avoid unnecessary delays, it is critical to provide all necessary information and documents.

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