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Find out the Eligibility Requirements for USA Visa

The United States of America is one of the world's leading nations with a powerful economy that attracts most international immigrants to work and settle down there. That is why it became the no1 choice as the best destination for immigration. From lifestyle to career USA promises the improvement in everything. Millions of people migrate with families to the USA every year.

As there are numerous ways to immigrate to the USA and each person chooses a visa as per the purpose of visit. Each visa category has different eligibility requirements. Check your eligibility to get a US visa based on your purpose.

Green Card through Family

US citizenship and Immigration services have a program to unite the families through family visas. Here are the eligibility checklists you need to fulfill to be eligible for a green card.

Below People are Automatically Eligible for a USA Family Visa.

  • Minor children of US citizens who are not married (under 21 years)
  • Spouses of citizens of the United States
  • Parents of United States citizens (at least 21 years old)

Each year, a limited number of visas are available under the family preference category. In addition, the following requirements must be met:

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  • Adult children, both married and unmarried, as well as the sisters and brothers of US citizens (petitioner must be at least 21 years old)
  • LPRs' unmarried children, both minor and adult, as well as their spouses

Green Card Through Employment

Here are the Eligibility Criteria for the first Preference Immigrant Worker.

  • Have great abilities in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics
  • An impressive professor or researcher
  • A global manager or executive who meets specific requirements.

Here are the Eligibility Criteria for the Second Preference Immigrant Worker.

  • A person with a profession that requires an advanced degree
  • A person with remarkable skill in the sciences, arts, or business
  • A person who is looking for a waiver in the national interest

Here are the Eligibility Criteria for the third Preference Immigrant Worker.

  • A skilled worker with a job which is of at least two years of training or experience
  • A professional with a job requires at least a bachelor's degree in the United States or a foreign equivalent and you are a member of the profession
  • An expert with a job and at least a master's degree in the United States or a foreign equivalent and you are a member of the profession

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US Citizenship Eligibility Criteria

A person must have had LPR status (a Green Card) for at least 5 years to be eligible for citizenship (or 3 years in case the person has got the green card through a US Citizen spouse or violence against women act- VAWA). Along with that here are the eligibility criteria for immigration to USA that need to be fulfilled.

Top FAQs Asked by Students Travelling to USA

No. In general, there is no particular age limit to apply for a US visa. But again, it depends on the visa category you choose. Consult our USA immigration experts for detailed information.

Here is the USA visa fee for Indians for various visa categories

Visa type Description Fee amount (in USD) Fee amount (in INR)
B Business/ Tourist $160 Rs. 10880.00
H Temporary/ Seasonal Workers and Employment, Trainees $190 Rs. 12920.00
K Fiance or Spouse of US Citizen $265 Rs. 16320.00
O Persons with Extraordinary Ability $190 Rs. 12920.00
P Athletes, Artists & Entertainers $190 Rs. 12920.00

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