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IELTS - The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an exam that evaluates your English language skills. It is similar to TOEFL and is typically taken by prospective students, who want to study abroad in countries where English is the primary language. Certain nations, such as Canada and Australia, need it as part of the immigration process too.

Quick Details on IELTS

  • IELTS Test Duration – 2 hours 45 minutes
  • IELTS Test Dates – Up to 4 times/month and Up to 48 times/year
  • IELTS Sections – 4 – Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking
  • IELTS Maximum Score – Band 9
  • Minimum IELTS Score Required – No minimum score. Min Band 4 is qualifying for abroad opportunities


IELTS is Categorized into Two Types.The IELTS exams are of two types, the IELTS academic exam and IELTS general training exam. The IELTS Academic exam is aimed at test takers who want to study at universities and other third level education institutions in English speaking countries. The General Training version is for test takers who want to work, train, study at a secondary school or migrate to an English-speaking country. Whether it is IELTS Academic or IELTS General it is recommended to take IELTS Coaching from experts to crack high score easily.

  • IELTS General

    The IELTS academic is designed specifically for students planning to enroll in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in any English-speaking country.

  • IELTS Academic

    Potential immigrants who want to move to an English-speaking country take the IELTS general.

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Which Test should I take?

IELTS is divided into two versions: Academic and General Training, each fulfilling a specialized function.

The Listening and Speaking components of both tests are the same, however the Reading and Writing sections are not.

The IELTS Academic test is designed for persons seeking further education or professional certification in an English-speaking nation, with IELTS Academic results accepted by the majority of academic institutions.

The IELTS General Training test, on the other hand, is primarily taken by applicants who want to migrate or work in English-speaking nations such as Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, with a focus on the abilities needed to thrive in the job.

Eligibility for IELTS

The following lists the typical IELTS eligibility criteria:

  • Minimum Age - 16
  • ID Proof - Valid Passport
  • IELTS Eligible Countries - UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia
  • Minimum Score - 5.5 Each Band Score(Varies from universities to universities)

What is the IELTS Test Format?

The structure of IELTS test will be as below.

Section & Duration Description Number of Questions
Listening (30 minutes) Four recorded monologues & Conversations 40
Reading (60 minutes ) 3 long passages with questions 40
Writing (60 minutes) Task 1 – 150 words – Summarizing infographics
Task 2 – 250 words – Short essay
Speaking (11-14 minutes) Face to face interview 3

Online Registration for IELTS

IELTS registration is now simple and quick. The IELTS test can be booked in three phases. Candidates must first visit the official IELTS website and then:

  • Make an account
  • Determine a suitable date slot based on availability at the local IELTS testing centers.
  • Pay for your registration online to complete it.

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IELTS Results

The test Report Form or IELTS Result will be available 13 days following the exam. Candidates can access their IELTS scorecards both online and offline.

A candidate must supply an identification document number in order to access the IELTS score. Along with ID, the candidate must supply a candidate number generated during the IELTS application process. Dates of IELTS exams and date of birth are also necessary.

The results will also be posted on the IDP or British Council IELTS websites. If the candidates have applied for Citizenship and Immigration Canada, they will be given two copies of the IELTS TRF (Test Result Form). The online results will be available for 28 days after your test date.

In general, an IELTS score of 7 or higher is deemed adequate for admission to top-tier colleges in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other English-speaking countries.

Because the IELTS cutoff is different for each of the four sections, students should focus on increasing each of the abilities rather than the overall IELTS score.

IELTS Cutoff for Top Universities

IELTS cutoffs for prestigious universities typically range between 7 and 8. For each section of the IELTS course, universities have a predetermined sectional cutoff. Harvard, Stanford, MIT, California Institute of Technology, and other world-class universities require IELTS scores of at least 7. The table below shows the IELTS cutoff for the world's best colleges.

Name of the Institution IELTS CutOff



Stanford University


Harvard University


California Institute of Technology


University of Oxford

7.0 with 6.5 in each band

Eth Zurich


University of Cambridge

7.0 with 7.0 in each band

Imperial College London

6.5 with 5.5 in each band

University of Chicago




Top FAQs Asked by Students about IELTS Coaching

Here is the step by step procedure below to successfully register for an IELTS test.

  • Visit the Official Website of IELTS.
  • Select Register for Test option.
  • Select preferred test, type and available test date.
  • Fill your personal details along with registration details.
  • Upload documents required like passport first page and last page.
  • Select the list of colleges you wish to send your score card.
  • Review your details and proceed to payment.
  • Finish the payment and take a hardcopy or save the data of your IELTS registration.

IELTS test will be held 4 times a months and 48 times a year. So make sure to book the slot as per the availability of dates. And also, book your IELTS slot at least 3-4 months prior to your university admission deadlines. That gives you enough time to re-take the test.

IELTS is one the prominent tests and a major step up for the students/immigrants who plan to study abroad or work abroad. The IELTS score itself decides the candidates future. So, it is utmost vital to plan the preparation perfectly to crack a good IELTS score. Also, a common IELTS preparation technique will not work for everyone. Each one’s preparation strategies should be in sync with their knowledge and skills levels.

Here is the step-by-step process to prepare for IELTS

  • Attempt couple of Practice tests to know where you are actually good at and where you need to work on.
  • Be aware of test format so that you can plan the time management. With a target of answering many questions in a short time is arduous. So, having an idea of exam format will lead in time management.
  • Always practice with timer or a stop watch. It can improve time management constraints and prepare you for the main test.
  • Focusing on vocabulary is vital in IELTS preparation. And all the sections in IELTS revolve around vocabulary so it is suggested to focus more on improving vocabulary.
  • Consider expert’s guidance in IELTS preparation as the professionals can give you some tips and tricks or strategies that can lead in scoring more in the test. Reach out to our IELTS Training Institute for professional coaching. At Global Tree, duration of IELTS coaching will be 45-60 days. We do provide both offline and Online IELTS coaching.
  • Improve all the skills, Reading, Writing, Speaking and listening which can help in your abroad education as well. It is a good practice to know the deeper insights of each section so that it will help in answering any kind of question.

One mark is given for each right answer. The below IELTS band scale is used to convert scores out of 40 to bands.

IELTS Section Raw Score Out of 40 Band Score
Listening 16 5
23 6
30 7
35 8
IELTS Academic - Reading 15 5
23 6
30 7
35 8
IELTS General - Reading 15 4
23 5
30 6
34 7
38 8

Writing and listening band scores will be assigned by the examiner based on the performance in the test.

A minimum of IELTS band 6.5 is required to study in abroad universities and IELTS Band 7 can let you gain admission to top business schools.

IELTS Registration fee: 14,700 INR (both paper and computer-based tests).

IELTS Rescheduling fee: 3,000 INR.

IELTS Cancellation fee: 25% deduction & refund of the registration fees, if canceled 5 weeks before the test date. No refund if canceled in less than 5 weeks before the test date.

If a candidate wishes to reschedule their IELTS exam, they must do so at least five weeks before the scheduled exam date. Within three months after the original exam date, the candidate must reschedule the IELTS exam. To reschedule the exam, the candidate must pay a fee of $ 40.50 (INR. 3000) plus any applicable taxes.

IELTS test score is valid for 2 years. Always make sure to apply for the IELTS test a minimum of 3-4 months before the university admission deadlines.

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