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How to Apply for Denmark Visa? – Visa Types, Application Process & Requirements

Denmark, despite having a strong economy, has been impacted by the global financial crisis and its negative impact on employment. Denmark will, however, continue to rely on foreign recruiting in a number of fields, particularly in high-skilled employment. Denmark is expected to see greater demand for foreign labor in additional job categories as the market situation improves in the coming years.

In Denmark, a residence visa can be obtained for the purpose of looking for work and working. A residence and work permit is awarded under the Green Card Scheme based on an individual evaluation utilizing a point system.

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Application Process for Denmark Fast track Scheme

  • Start with the case ID creation

    The first step in submitting the application form is to create case order ID.

  • Finish the fee payment

    Pay the fee for the fast track scheme DKK 4, 405/- with the case order id created.

  • Gather the documents required

    Check the required documents for the Denmark Fast track scheme. Gather the required documents and submit as suggested in the online web portal.

  • Fill the application form

    Read the instructions carefully before filling the application form. In the application on the website, series of the instructions will be given on how to fill the details.

  • Biometrics appointment

    The applicant must provide biometric information when applying for a residence permit.

    This means that the applicant must provide fingerprints as well as a facial photograph. If the applicant is granted a permit, his or her facial photo and fingerprints will be stored on a microchip embedded in the residence card.

  • Quick job start – Applying from abroad

    If your application has been submitted and you need a visa to legally enter Denmark, your employer must send an email to work@siri.dk informing SIRI that you need a job start as soon as possible.

    In the email, the employer must include the case order ID from the application as well as the reference number from the receipt.

    You must then have your biometrics recorded at the nearest Danish diplomatic mission or application centre as soon as possible. This must happen within 14 days of the application being submitted.

  • Wait for the response

    If you have requested a quick job start from abroad, we will usually make a decision within 10 days of receiving your application, including biometrics and the processing fee. However, we must have all of the necessary information.

Application Process for Danish Green Card Scheme

Denmark's Green Card Scheme allows persons to reside and work in the nation. You will be eligible for a work and residence permit under the Danish card if you score highly on the points system. If you acquire a residence permit under the Scheme, you do not need to apply for a separate work visa because the residence permit allows you to look for work and work in Denmark.

Application process for Denmark Pay Limit Scheme

To be granted permission to stay and work in Denmark under the Pay Limit Scheme, you must meet certain criteria. It is a condition that you have been given a job that pays at least DKK 448,000 per this year. Here is the step by step process to apply for Denmark Pay Limit Scheme

  • Create case order ID
  • Pay the Pay Limit Scheme fee
  • Gather documentation for Pay Limit Scheme
  • Complete the Denmark Pay Limit Scheme application form
  • Submit the Pay Limit Scheme application
  • Finish the Biometrics
  • Wait for an answer

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Application process for Denmark Positive List Scheme

  • Create SB-ID for the application
  • Pay the visa fee
  • Gather documents required for visa application
  • Complete the application form with appropriate details
  • Submit application
  • Complete the biometrics on the scheduled date of appointment
  • Receive an answer on the visa application

Top FAQs Asked by Students Travelling to Denmark

The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration takes an average of 60 days to process a comprehensive application. It may take longer to process an application if it is incomplete.

A minimum of 100 points is required. Educational level, linguistic abilities, work experience, adaptability, and age all are the factors of the points based system.

You must apply for a resident visa if you intend to work, visit family, or stay in Denmark for more than 90 days (for example, to study). To apply for a resident visa, visit the Danish Immigration Service or the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI).

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