SAT Test Preparation Tips

Top 5 Tips to Score 8.5 in SAT Test in 2024

The most crucial method for getting a good SAT score is to understand how the SAT is scored. Why? Because it's pointless to shoot a target without first learning how to use a bow and arrow. The skeleton perspective of the SAT Scoring pattern is shown below.

The total SAT score is 1600, split into two sections: verbal (800) and math (600). (800). Again, the Verbal portion is separated into Reading and Writing, each of which is worth 400 points. A percentage of your SAT score will be awarded in addition to your overall score, reflecting how well you performed on test day in contrast to all other test-takers.

5 tips to get the Best SAT Score

Identify the Fundamental Concepts

An understanding of core ideas, especially in the arithmetic area, will help you deal with any surprises on test day. Because the SAT already has a specified set of topics to cover in examinations, it's better to plan on understanding the relevant concepts. It is preferable to choose SAT expert tutors so that you may gain a comprehensive understanding of all ideas.

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Learn from Your Errors.

Always make sure you're practicing with the right tools. Because practice resources have a high likelihood of containing the most frequently asked questions on the SAT. Also, make sure you review your score and assess your faults after each practice test.

And, after you've analyzed your SAT Score, always ask yourself the following questions.

  • Why did you pick this choice above the other three?
  • How did you be deceived and why did you choose the option?
  • What happened to make you run out of time?

Appropriate Amount of Practice

Never expect a great result if you hurry into anything. It took Usain Bolt 20 years to become the world's fastest man. So, be patient and put in the effort. If you just have a limited amount of time to practice, learn how to prepare for the SAT using the finest strategies.

Time Management

The secret to SAT success is time management. Because achieving a score of 1500 on the SAT necessitates at least 47 out of 58 in the SAT Math portion, 45 out of 52 in the SAT Reading section, and 35 out of 44 in the SAT Writing section.

All of this in about 180 minutes is quite a feat. You'll need a lot of practice to learn time management.

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Slow Prep is a Good Move

Your attention levels may be harmed as a result of your nervousness and eagerness to score higher. Maintain your composure and poise. Due to their nervousness, most test-takers tend to score lower even after extensive preparation. Also, avoid cramming the night before the exam. Relax and unwind for the night.

Top FAQs Asked by Students about SAT Training

A typical SAT score is around 1000. Check your target score and strive to meet it. An SAT score of 1200 or higher is considered a good SAT score. The perfect score on the SAT is 1600, which anyone can achieve.

Five of the most effective ways to prepare for the SAT are to

  • Begin early
  • Stick to your study plan
  • Take a full-length practice test for SAT
  • Pay attention to details
  • Know what to expect on test day.

In general, we advise applicants to have scored in the top 25% or higher of the admit range for the colleges to which they apply. You must have a 1550+ average SAT score and/or a 34+ average ACT score to be considered for the Ivy League.

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