SAT Syllabus 2024-2025 - Exam Pattern

SAT Exam Syllabus 2024: Types, Exam Pattern, Section wise Syllabus & More

The SAT exam is a standardized test that covers most of the syllabus which students have already learned at the schooling level. So, if you did well in school, preparing for the SAT Syllabus should be simple. The SAT Exam is divided into two sections: one for high school students and another for college students. SAT Subject Tests and SAT General Tests are two types of SAT tests.

SAT tests will be of two kinds.

The Scholastic Aptitude Test - Subject Tests are individual examination in specific subjects that are taken by students who wish to demonstrate their expertise in a particular subject. SAT test is Categorized into Two Types.The SAT exams are of two types, the SAT General Test and SAT Subject Test.

  • SAT General Test
  • SAT Subject Test

SAT General

The SAT General Test is more extensively used by undergraduate colleges for admissions than the other two SAT exams. The Scholastic Assessment Test assesses a candidate's writing, verbal, and math skills.

SAT Subject Test

The SAT Topic Tests are divided into five topic categories, with a total of 20 tests available. These themes are broken even further into smaller groupings. Some of the SAT subjects are as follows:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English
  • History
  • Languages

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SAT Exam Syllabus 2024

Considering the SAT general test, here are all the sections

  • Reading section
  • Writing
  • Mathematics

SAT Reading Section

There are three critical reading parts on the SAT.25 minutes of reading comprehension. Completion of sentences - 25 minutes and 20 minutes for a paragraph-length critical reading

SAT Writing Section

The SAT Writing and Language Test is a series of multiple-choice questions based on reading passages. Successful performance in this section is the result of dedicated SAT exam preparation via SAT coaching, which enables one to select answers that reflect skills in reading passages, interpreting them, and writing a clear synopsis.

  • The writing test lasts 35 minutes and requires the student to review and edit texts from various subjects.
  • The students must write the texts grammatically and contextually correct and check for any errors that may occur and correct them immediately.
  • As part of this test, the student is evaluated on his understanding of grammar rules, writing style elements, punctuation, and sentence order. You will be tested on grammar rules, writing style elements, punctuation, and sentence order in this exam.
  • The SAT writing test consists of four passages with 44 different multiple-choice questions.
  • The passages are typically drawn from a variety of subjects, including social studies, humanities, politics, careers, and sciences.

SAT Mathematics Section

The SAT Math Test comprises of three areas: Advanced Math, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, and Heart of Algebra. Complex equations, quadratic functions, and trigonometry are all part of Advanced Math. Strategic SAT exam preparation through SAT coaching is required for successful performance in this section.

Here are the types of Math Questions you can Expect on SAT Tests.

  • Heart of Algebra – 19 Questions
  • Problem Solving and Data Analysis - 17 Questions
  • Passport to Advanced Math - 16 Questions
  • Additional Topics in Math - 6 Questions

And the three major sections of Math have below time allotment.

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  • Algebra and functions - 25 minutes
  • Geometry Statistics - 20 minutes
  • Probability and Data analysis - 20 minutes

SAT Essay Section (Optional)

In the SAT essay section, students are asked to read a passage composed of several paragraphs and then write an essay providing insight into the argument. Because the SAT essay is focused on clarity, the candidate's objective analysis is tested here, which is why strategic SAT exam preparation through expert SAT coaching is critical.

Section Scoring Duration Questions
Evidence-Based Reading Writing 200-800 65-minute Reading section 52 Questions (Reading)
35-minute Writing and Language section 44 Questions (Writing and Language)
Math 200-800 25-minute No Calculator section 20 Questions          (No Calculator)
55-minute Calculator section 38 Questions (Calculator)

Top FAQs Asked by Students about SAT Training

Typically, candidates give themselves 6-12 weeks to prepare for the SAT. Furthermore, SAT preparation time varies from person to person. We recommend that you review the SAT Syllabus and take an SAT practice test to determine how much time you will need for SAT preparation.

The College Board does not restrict any time limits for taking the SAT, so a candidate may take it as many times as he wishes. However, you must pay the SAT fee each time you register for it. Also, check with the schools to see what scores they accept; some accept the average of all attempts, while others accept only the highest score.

You can crack the SAT in one month if you have a solid study plan. It is usually recommended to study 10-20 hours per week for three months to prepare for the SAT. So, if you plan to take the exam in a month, increase your daily study time.

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