Abroad Education Consultants

Abroad Education Consultants in India

In the words of Michelle Obama ‘the benefits of studying abroad are almost endless’ How true and how profound that one statement is. Pursuing an overseas education will not only help a student who goes to study abroad, to learn new and possibly advanced topics in the subject of his choice, but  will also help broaden his life view. The student who goes to study abroad also enhances his adaptability to new situations. Most students who go to study abroad, also find that the experience of an overseas education gives them a global outlook. They find that their co-students come from all parts of the world. This gives the students who study abroad an opportunity to build a network of friends from all across the globe. An opportunity rarely offered to those who elect to stay at home.


Countless are the example of famous and highly successful Indians in various fields, whose decision to study abroad has acted as a major catalyst in their success. Prominent names that come to mind are Satya Nadella –CEO of Microsoft; Sundar Picchai- CEO of Google; Rohinton Mistry- Award winning author; Amartya Sen – Nobel laureate; Mindy Kaling – Actor and popular author; Nithin Nohria – Dean of Harvard Business School; and many more.  The life stories of these individuals clearly show that an overseas education can give you, not just a drive for success, but also a resilience that will stand you in good stead throughout your life.

Many a student, wishes to pursue an overseas education but is daunted by the process involved. Ever since its inception in 2006, as an overseas education consultancy, Global Tree has served as a one-stop shop that would provide support to students aspiring to study abroad. The education consultants at Global Tree provide support to students, intending to pursue an overseas education through counseling them on universities and colleges to apply to and guiding them through the entire process to enable them to study abroad, The education consultants also coach the students for successfully completing the required gateway exams for an overseas education like SAT, GMAT, GRE, ACT, IELTS and TOEFL and PTE.

Global Tree has diligently worked for and achieved exclusive partner status with some of the best schools and colleges in the world. Also, being first among its peers, Global Tree has a unique program to identify high caliber students, who wish to study abroad and groom them for a high profile overseas education through an intensive two year program. This empowers the students who aspire to study abroad to be successfully placed in world class educational institutes including the top 20 universities across the globe. Global Tree has also received accreditations from international organizations like the American International Recruitment Council. However, the support to the students by no means ends here. Global Tree’s commitment to 3600 support ensures that the students pursuing an overseas education are given pre travel support through visa assistance, air ticketing and providing foreign exchange. The students going abroad for overseas education also receive post landing support from Global Tree education consultants through providing accommodation on arrival and transport from airport in destination city. The company also helps the
students to feel comfortable in the cities they chose to live in by providing periodical and updated information about various cities in the world through its website and blogs.