Immigration Consultants in India

Many who call themselves an immigration consultant provide visa services. Only a few,  the real immigration experts can truly prepare a candidate for a life abroad. We live in a global age where we are unburdened by geography. Businesses, education and even families have gone beyond the limits of borders. However, in the ever-changing global landscape, positioning has become vital.  This makes the role of an immigration consultant extremely important.

A software engineer in India makes 8 times less his counterpart in Canada. His health care is not government aid as it would be had he obtained citizenship in Australia. His family would receive a far lower standard of education than if they were in Germany. He would statistically live 13.8 years longer if he was in New Zealand.


As border policy gets more regimented, it has become ever more essential to make sure all application processes and documentation for immigration and citizenship are correctly handled. In other words, it has become imperative to turn to immigration experts.  It is imperative to turn to a reliable immigration consultant such as Global Tree. Global Tree employs a dedicated team of immigration experts, immigration attorneys, and accountants, and is fully equipped to ensure a smooth transition into your destination country.  Whether it is Australia, USA or any other country, our immigration experts at one of our many offices, will guide you through the process. The knowledge base of our immigration experts is vast and ever expanding. With a smooth workflow, our immigration consultants maintain the strictest of standards in dealing with our clients, consulates and immigration regulatory bodies.


Global Tree is a full-service immigration consultant. Our immigration experts do not restrict themselves to providing immigration services for work-related visas, but they also provide support for other categories like permanent residency visas, dependent visas, business visas and visitor visas. The immigration consultants of Global Tree provide an all-comprehensive and end to end support to clients, to help them realize their ambition to work and settle in the country of their choice. Our tried and tested process helps ensure that candidates present the best version of themselves while applying through their perfectly matched visa channel. Global Tree


immigration consultants provide additional support, not just at the initial and expected stages of counseling, evaluation, application and subsequent immigration, but also extend their support far beyond it. For more information and to get in touch with one of our immigration experts click on our support functions page.