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8 Best tips to increase your TOEFL Score!

Expert Tips On TOEFL Writing!

TOEFL is one of the tools used to assess the English language proficiency of a person who is in pursuit of foreign education. TOEFL Exam measures the persons ability to understand the foreign accent and communicate in a University or College setting.

The different modules in TOEFL Exam are listening, reading, speaking and writing section. We focus on writing section of TOEFL in this blog which considerably contributes to the score.

TOEFL Writing is an integrated task which involves listening, reading and writing performances. In the TOEFL Writing Task, initially, a passage is given and the test taker should read and understand the passage for 3 minutes followed by a 2 minute audio clip pertaining to the passage read.

The next 20 minutes are allotted to write your response to the passage and audio clip. It is very important how the test-taker writes the response which requires a protocol or a plan to jot it down. The length of the words shall be 150-225.

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8 Awesome Tips For The Writing Section Of The TOEFL

The quality of the content written in the task will be graded according to how the test-taker picks up the side headings and create connection between the points written down along with the matter from the audio clip of writing section in TOEFL.

  • TIP 1: while listening to the audio clip write a few important points and refer them again with the passage while you write your response.
  • TIP 2: Never attempt the Writing test of TOEFL with a Copy Paste mode from the audio clip or the given passage. If your English skills are to be evaluated, it is required to make put it down in your own words with good vocabulary and sense.
  • TIP 3: while phrasing down your response pay attention to find out if any difference is existing between the audio clip content and the written passage. Because writing down the difference makes the job worthy, to have the score you desire, and otherwise, you will lose your marks.
  • TIP 4: Do not give your opinion in the task 1 of writing section of TOEFL. Your valuable opinion should be written in the independent writing. Phrase only the contents from the audio clip and the given passage. Independent writing, Task 2 In this section the test taker will read a question and writes down the response in a length of 300 words. The time duration is 30 minutes to plan, write and review the written task.
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  • TIP 5: Writing in the task 2 is about how well the test taker brings up their argument supporting with evidences and making a strong point. It really doesnt matter always, which side the test-taker is supporting. But it is important to make a strong point throughout the essay.
  • TIP 6: It is important to make the point clear regarding your opinion of the given argument in the first paragraph itself without any ambiguity throughout the essay that you write down.
  • TIP 7: Make the length to 300 words. But still if you feel like you have more to make a sharp point, you might extend to another 20 words, but do not exceed the limit more than that. You might be in a danger of losing the points.
  • TIP 8: Practice the Writing tests of TOEFL foe many times to make sure you got what you are supposed to do in the real test. Attempt mock tests and evaluate impartially yourself, and give your best shot in the real TOEFL Exam.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, some universities don’t make IELTS scores mandatory and some universities have waivers during admissions through which you can enter the US without IELTS.

It depends on the course you are taking up. For English language proficiency, the best tests to choose from are IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL.

A minimum of 60% is mandatory to be eligible to go abroad. For studying abroad, you may need to submit scores of IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, PTE, GMAT, or GRE.


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