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Crack GRE with high scores, dont settle for average!

Learn The Tips For Best Scores In GRE!

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is an assessment test for the students who wish to study abroad after their graduation. The universities in USA, Canada, Australia, UK and Singapore accept the GRE Scores.

But each university follows their set of rules and regulations autonomously during admission with regard to GRE. The exam evaluates mathematical, analytical and verbal skills of the study abroad students.

Those students who wish to pursue MS or Management studies should take GRE Exam. It is a computer-based exam and securing good scores in GRE help the candidate to secure admission in a top university and also a fat big scholarship.

Not only GRE conducts a general exam but also the subject tests in Biochemistry, Literature, Psychology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. In most of the US Universities though there is no cut-off score but an average GRE scores is required.

3 Sections In GRE To Follow

The pattern of GRE has 3 sections to follow. The sections are Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning in a row.

  1. Verbal Reasoning

    The duration of the section to answer is 30 minutes and 20 questions per section and there are 2 sections in the verbal reasoning. To do well in this section of GRE follow the tips mentioned below.
    • TIP 1: Practice vocabulary Go through the word lists and practice vocabulary. It is only through practice that you can be perfect in verbal reasoning of GRE test. Learn vocabulary through Vocabulary study strategies available on the Google.
    • TIP 2: Practice the passages Listening or watching TV may not be very helpful. But speak those GRE passages with that kind of high standard vocabulary which helps you to move on with ease in passages. Practice the passages in
    • TIP 3: Learn to pace between questions It is much required to maintain a stable speed by not spending time at a certain question or few of them. When it is tough to discern the correct choice, it is better to move on rather than spending time for just a few questions and leaving the other questions unscored. This happens only through attempting a lot of mock tests.
    • TIP 4: Avoid distractions in multiple choices Rule out the wrong answers and again the mock tests come in handy here too in the multiple choices as to how to discern the right choice and not being carried away by wrong answers.

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  2. Quantitative Reasoning

    In this section of GRE, the math that appears is probably the one the candidate learned in high school or junior level and thats why it is preferred to do mock tests and practice the math.

    Pace in the math section

    The candidate is expected to move on a constant speed while answering math. Using the on-screen calculator might swallow your time, to simplify the fractions. If you are freaky about combinations, move on to the next problem.

    Attend mock tests for perfect score

    Analyze yourself by attending the mock tests. It gives you the perfect answer as to where you stand and where you got to improve. Do not leave the questions unanswered because there is no negative mark, and your guess might be correct.

    Trap of easy questions

    If the question seems to be easy to answer, then do not plunge into it because it actually might not be an easier one, but only a trap to lose your mark or spend your precious time.

  3. Analytical Writing

    This section helps in analyzing the writing skills and critical thinking of the test taker who attempts the GRE Exam. In the 30 minutes provided, the test taker is expected to pay special attention on each minute spent on each question because time factor plays a very important role in answering questions.

    Format clearly

    While answering, be clear to format your answers in an organizational manner compose the answer with a structure and use your own words without changing the context.

    Know your Vocabulary

    Use high standard vocabulary but do not use similar words or sentences. Make different paragraphs and express the key points of the passage. While moving from one para to the other, let the transition be smoother.

    Logical reasoning with evidences

    While developing the answer with logical reasoning, it is important to provide the direct or implied evidence. This is how the examiner is convinced to give you a good score.

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    If you are preparing for GRE in a pursuit of overseas education, it is always to rely on a coaching center to provide you with the best tips and techniques while you prepare to attempt the exam. Global Tree has an in-house GRE coaching department with state of art classrooms and well-experienced faculty to prepare you in attaining the best score.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, some universities don’t make IELTS scores mandatory and some universities have waivers during admissions through which you can enter the US without IELTS.

It depends on the course you are taking up. For English language proficiency, the best tests to choose from are IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL.

A minimum of 60% is mandatory to be eligible to go abroad. For studying abroad, you may need to submit scores of IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, PTE, GMAT, or GRE.


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