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Global Tree Director – Subhakar Alapati on Etv Prathidwani debate About Trump’s new policies

Global Tree-Etv Prathidwani debate on Trump’s new policies


Hyderabad, India – October 10th 2017:  The Director of Global Tree Overseas Education consultants Mr. Subhakar Alapati participated in a panel discussion on the US President Donald Trump’s new immigration policies, in a popular Telugu regional Etv Prathidwani program.


Pratidhwani program, on ETV Andhra Pradesh and ETV Telangana, was telecasted on 10th Oct 2017. Mr. Subhakar along with two other panel members, Mr. K. Rama Koteshwar Rao who is a Financial Analyst and Kolee Madhavi and who is a Spokesperson for BJP participated in the discussion.


Mr. Subhakar Alapati answered questions posed by the host about the immigration situation in the USA in general and the concerns surrounding the proposed new immigration policies by US President Donald Trump. He said that the move of setting up merit-based immigration system can benefit many high skilled Indian immigrants, especially those from the IT sector.


He also told that in the proposed new immigration policies there was no reference to the H-1B visas, granting of visas only to applicant’s spouse and children and not to other members of the family.


Mr. Alapati also told that Green card and Permanent Residency would be granted to those who are well educated, who have scored 80 or more points in TOEFL test and those who got excellent communication skills. With these new policies, Indians will largely get benefitted as 90% of jobs go to those individuals in STEM Fields like IT and engineering and in this field most of them are from Telugu region.


He also said that the Telugu community in the US makes the third leading people count in the country and next to them is Gujarati community.


The new immigration plan proposed ending of extended family chain migration and setting up a new points-based system for granting the green cards. In the program panel members discussed on differences between the Republicans and Democrats. Republican Party support for immigration, strong relationship with the US and H-1B visa plays an important part in financially stabilizing the country, so there should be easy processing for this visa. The members also discussed how this new immigration plan would benefit many highly qualified Indians would not require waiting for long time to get the green card.


Click here to watch telecasted program in ETV News.

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