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Indian students prefer STEM subjects for study abroad

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According to a recent report released by Quaracelli Symonds, the maximum number of Indian students are opting for subjects related to the Science Technology Engineering Math or STEM fields. Students from India have been choosing to complete their graduation and post-graduation in one of the fields for their study abroad programs, which is not surprising as STEM fields have statistically been seen to result in learning skills that lead to the highest demanded and highest paying jobs

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Why do Indian students prefer to study abroad for STEM?

Interestingly,  however the fact remains that while Indians and Asians have traditionally been seen as stronger on the STEM subjects and nearly more than half of all job positions which require specialty knowledge have been filled by Indian graduates, most of the Indian students have been choosing to go abroad to acquire their degrees. So what could the reason for that be?

To start with the quality of infrastructure, research and teaching in universities in preferred destination countries like USA, Canada, UK and Australia are much better than in India on account of the generous grants and higher funding that they receive. Moreover as most of the residents in these countries are already higher up in the hierarchy of needs as per Maslow’s theory they have the motivation to pursue the subjects from a deeper interest than just trying to score a job.

In other words, most professors who teach academics in the top ranked universities are more likely to be teaching there because they have a genuine passion for the subject and not just because they are earning their paychecks. This passion can translate itself into the classroom which benefits the students. Also the students themselves benefit from living in a more secure and infrastructural and socially advanced environment which takes away their time spent on mundane day to day activities and allows them to use the time to concentrate on their learning

For egg it takes about half the time to commute between your college and place of stay when you go abroad than if you choose to stay on in your home place to graduate. Moreover even simple things like getting a license or opening your bank account take significantly less time when compared to the more developed nation. All of which translates to a more stress-free and better quality of education

Students who go abroad for higher studies also get the added advantage of becoming an automatic part of a global alumni that can stand them in good stead as they advance up the corporate ladder

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