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Study In UK – Government Sets New Targets For Accepting International Students

The government of the United Kingdom has finally taken the crucial step to launch a long-anticipated education strategy for the benefit of international students who intend to study in UK. The newly minted strategy mainly focuses on creating specific targeted goals that aim to increase the number of international students who successfully apply for pursuing their higher education in the United Kingdom.

Study in UK

New Strategies For Study In UK

The government has announced a new International Education Strategy, last week via an announcement made by the Department of Education along with the Department for International Trade. The latest strategy, which was formulated after consultation with various stakeholders across education and industry, intends to incorporate two targets that need to be reached by the year 2030, apart from a change in immigration policy, which will allow international students greater leeway to work after they complete their course of study in UK.

The following are the proposed changes and targets as per the new policy announcement

  1. The value of education exports is expected to be increased to 35 billion Euros, which is double the current amount at an annual rate of four percent per year until 2030
  2. The government aims to increase the number of foreign students admitted to higher education courses in the United Kingdom to 600,000, from the currently prevailing level of around 460,000.
  3. Immigration policy change would see all post graduate and undergraduate students obtain the right to work after they complete their study in UK up to six months without any restrictions. Students who have completed their doctoral program will be allowed to work for 12 months after they receive their degrees.  In the current scenario students are allowed to stay for four months after they complete their studies, and PhD students are allowed to apply for an additional year.

Education experts across universities have welcomed the move to extend the period for allowing international students to work in the country after their graduation. Many faculty members as well as industry advisors have been pushing for easing the restrictions on foreign students in this matter and are in fact urging the government to extend the work leave period to two years for graduates of universities in the United Kingdom.

According to the Director of Universities, Vivienne Stern, who is also a member ofthe Department for International Trade international education advisory group, the stake holders are doing their best to highlight the good outcome of the new policy change to students from around the world.

The new strategy was also praised by the representatives from various industries and services in  the vocational sector, who claimed that it was a welcome move and that it would greatly improve the track record of the United Kingdom in gaining success in the delivery of top quality skilled vocational and technical education and training  to students who would then go on to make meaningful contributions to industries across the world.

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