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13 tips to follow for scoring high in listening section of PTE Academic!

Best Techniques For The Listening Test Of PTE Academic

PTE Academic is one of the best tests convenient to the test taker as well as the examiner which is a source of testing, the English Language proficiency of those who would plan their study abroad programs or immigration plans to a native English country.

There are 4 different sections in PTE Academic. They are Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing. The marks from all the sections is considered for final score, therefore each section is equally important in gaining high scores.

The students who scored best are considered during the selection of student for admission process most often. Though each University in each nation makes their set of rules in admission criteria, the score in English proficiency is expected to be more than 70% if the students desire to be admitted into a particular University.

PTE Academic is a standardized test recognized internationally by most of the universities around the world. Here we made an attempt to provide with a few techniques to help the test taker secure a high score in Listening Test of PTE Academic. Our other blogs very well illustrate and provide the tips for other sections of PTE training.

The Summary Of Listening Section Of PTE Academic

This section lasts between 45-57 minutes, which is part-3, in the entire exam of 3 hours. The test taker listens to the video/audio clips and then writes the answers accordingly.

So listening attentively is considered most important. While listening, the test taker is allowed to write the notes of the clip being played.

The audio/video clip cannot be played again and is played only once. The test taker is also allowed to adjust the volume by clicking towards the right to increase the volume or clicking towards the left to decrease the volume in the control bar.

The skills assessed in the listening section of PTE Academic are listening and writing. The best quality of the content scores best marks. During the PTE Coaching the candidate can expect similar listening mock tests and given the tips to improve in attaining the best score

Task 1 Of PTE Academic Listening Section (Summarize Spoken Text)

In the initial task of PTE Academic Listening test, an audio clip is played and is asked you to summarize the audio in your own words.

The word length should be between 50-70 but not more than 70. The time duration will be not more than 10 minutes to write after the audio clip play lasting for about 60-90 seconds.

In the coaching classes the, candidate gets acquainted with the pattern of listening session of PTE and also finds the weak areas that need to improve well.

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TIP 1 Make a quick notes of the clip being played. Note down the main idea as well as supporting points which help the test taker to summarize the given content properly without much pondering.

TIP 2 Be careful regarding the grammar and punctuation, agreement of subject adjectives and tenses. Do not write the content contra versing to the audio clip.

Task 2 Of PTE Academic Listening Section (Multiple Choices, Multiple Answers)

This task consists of a recording that is played and then the test taker answers the questions by selecting more than one answer. Listening skills are assessed in this task. The Time duration of the audio clip is 40- 90 seconds. The PTE training helps the student to make right choices in this session.

TIP 3 Make use of the 7 seconds before the audio clip is played go through the question which gives an idea. Take notes of the main idea and supporting points while you listen to audio play. Do not run through the list of answers during the play, you might conclude with wrong answers and miss your marks.

TIP 4 Do not select the options that have the same words in the audio clip. Rather understand the proper meaning and select the options. The same words may be not mean that the same expected answer.

Task 3 Of PTE Academic Listening Section (Fill In The Blanks)

Recorded transcript appears on the computer screen with many blanks. The test taker listens to the recorded script and should fill the blank with correct works.

The skills that are assessed in this task are both listening and writing. The time duration of the prompt is 30-60 seconds. Enrolling in the process of PTE training leads the candidate to secure the best score without ambiguity for admissions.

TIP 5 Make uses of the 7 seconds available to scud the creamy idea of the text, but do not run to fill the blanks during the play of the clip.

TIP 6 Pay attentions to proper nouns in the script presented. The knowledge of details of the proper nouns is not important.

Task 4 Of PTE Academic Listening Section (High Light Correct Summary)

Listen to a recording of summary and also to select the paragraph that suits it better. The skills assessed here are listening and reading.

The length of the prompt is 30-60 seconds. PTE training also provides recordings for the different paragraphs in different tones from various topics which prepares the test taker for the best.

TIP 7 Write down the important points while the audio clip is being played and then it becomes easy to match with the correct paragraph given, without selecting the wrong one.

Task 5 Of PTE Academic Listening Section (Multiple Choice Single Answer)

The task expects the test taker to listen to a recording and select only one option as an answer from the options given. The listening skills are assessed in this task.

The length of the prompt is 30-60 seconds. The Listening and understanding skills are developed in practice tests during the coaching classes of PTE.

TIP 8 Pay attentions to the question asked for, which helps you to pick the reason you need to listen for. Focus on the reason and pick the correct answer. Listen to the speakers purpose and supporting details which help the test taker to provide the correct answer.

TIP 9 In the 5 seconds given before the play, read the question and answer to better understand the purpose of the speaker. This will put you in line to choose the correct answer,

Task 6 Of PTE Academic Listening Section (Select Missing Word)

In this task, the test taker listens to a recording and should select a missing word in the recording from the given options.

Listening skills are being assessed in this task. The length of the prompt is 20-70 seconds. The blank could be a single word or group of words.

TIP 10 Go through the options given before starting to hear the recording. Click on the option u feel is correct. But while doing that, be careful in selecting the correct option. Only when you click next the recording for the next question is played. So make use of the little time that exists for your answer.

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Task 7 Of PTE Academic Listening Section (High Light Incorrect Words)

The test taker listens to a recording, where a transcript of the same is given. The words that are suitable to the transcript should be highlighted.

The listening and reading skills are assessed here. The length of the prompt is 15 to 50 seconds. The coaching classes provide various recordings for different transcripts, which help the student to polish better in securing the best score.

TIP 11 the 10 seconds you have before starting the audio play, read through the transcript and have those nouns, adjectives and verbs in your head so that when you listen to the audio it is easy to pick those words which are not suitable to the topic.

TIP 12 Since the task requires you to pick the wrong words, do not waste your time in making notes.

Task 8 Of PTE Academic Listening Section (Write From Dictation)

In this section, the test taker is given an audio recording of a sentence and is asked to write the sentence that was played. Listening and writing skills are assessed in this task.

The length of the prompt is 3.5 seconds. Mock tests during the PTE training help the student to get acquainted with different accents.

TIP 13 Take notes as you hear the dictation and type those correct words as much as possible into the given response box.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, some universities don’t make IELTS scores mandatory and some universities have waivers during admissions through which you can enter the US without IELTS.

It depends on the course you are taking up. For English language proficiency, the best tests to choose from are IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL.

A minimum of 60% is mandatory to be eligible to go abroad. For studying abroad, you may need to submit scores of IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, PTE, GMAT, or GRE.


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