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Best Cities to live in New Zealand

Best Cities to live in New Zealand

New Zealand with its beautiful landscapes, its beaches, and world-class amenities is a highly popular destination for Immigrants. The country is clean and beautiful, and people who choose to make it their home, enjoy a work-life balance that is envied all over the world. New Zealand has many great and beautiful cities in which one can choose to settle in and raise a family. We explore a few cities, where the new immigrant can choose to settle.

Wellington The Capital City of New Zealand

Wellington, ranked 12th for quality of living in the world according to the Mercer Quality Index, is a popular choice among Immigrants to New Zealand, as it provides a combination of the infrastructure and facilities of living in a big city with the community feeling of living in a rural area, along with beautiful beaches and panoramic walking vistas.

School students who study at Wellington mostly go on to Study at the University of Victoria Wellington offers a wide range of activities for families who settled there, including NZ Symphony Orchestra and the Royal New Zealand Ballet.

Cost of living: Homes in Wellington are generally more affordable than homes in Christchurch and Auckland for Immigrants. Rent for a single bedroom apartment can set you back by 1620 NZD in the center of the city and 1090 NZD in the outskirts. While a 3 bedroom apartment can cost an immigrant much as 2700 NZD in the city center and 2100 NZD in the outskirts Basic utilities will cost around 150 NZD

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Northshore, Auckland Suburbs at Kiwis

Auckland is one of the favorite destinations for Immigrants in New Zealand. It is a great place for families with children and has many great features which include quality education, good health care and a range of recreation choices, many of which can be accessed for free. Auckland Museum, Ambury Farm, and the Auckland Libraries along with many playgrounds are places where families can take their children to spend a day at no cost. The city is rated among the top five cities in the world for livability and is one of the best places to raise a family in New Zealand. The top-ranked University of Auckland is situated here.

Cost of living: Auckland is one of the popular destinations for immigrants and locals, and its popularity makes it slightly more expensive than other cities. A single bedroom apartment for rent can cost around 1745 NZD per month in the heart of the city, and around 1430 outside the city center. A three bedroom apartment can cost 3360 NZD on an average in the city center and around 2457 NZD in the outskirts of the city. Basic utilities can cost around 185 NZD per month.

Dunedin a Well known in New Zealand

Although it is not as popular as cities like Wellington and Auckland among immigrants to New Zealand, Dunedins relaxing pace of life and low levels of crime make it an ideal place to stay, especially for families with kids. Lovers of wildlife can find many things to enjoy in this city. The city is famous for its community strengthen the academic excellence. The University of Otago situated in the city draws students from all parts of the world.

Cost of living: Dunedin is amongst the most affordable cities in New Zealand. The cost of renting a single bedroom apartment is around 1061 NZDper month, in the center of the city and 751 NZD outside the city center. A three bedroom apartment can cost around 1650 NZD in the city center and 1550 in the outskirts. Basic utilities such as electricity and water can cost around 200 NZD per month.

Christchurch a Holy Place in the Nation

Christchurch, which is located on the east coast of the south island, is the largest city in the province. The city which is popular among immigrants and citizens alike, has many attractive features, including accessibility to beaches and countryside, many wineries where one can spend a weekend sampling the best wines in New Zealand as well as a number of shopping malls. Christchurch has a number of options in both private and public schools for families who move here with children

Cost of living: Christchurch is fairly affordable when compared to Auckland. The cost of rent for a single bedroom apartment can be around 1115 NZD per month, in the city center and 960 NZD in the outskirts, while rent for a three bedroom apartment can cost 1950 NZD in the heart of the city, and 1830 NZD in the outskirts. Basic utilities can cost around 211 NZD per month

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New Plymouth

New Plymouth is one of the best places to live and to raise a family in New Zealand. The city boasts of low unemployment levels as well as a low crime rate. Its proximity to the beaches and the mountains makes it an ideal place for the outdoor lovers and has many options for families with children

Cost of living: New Plymouth is one of the more affordable cities in New Zealand with a single bedroom apartment on rent costing 1050 NZD per month in the city center and 1000 NZD in the outskirts. A three bedroom apartment can cost around 1650 NZD in the heart of the city and 1300 NZD in the outskirts. Basic utilities cost around 158 NZD per month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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