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The Best Country to Immigrate

Best Country For Immigration

Immigration between nations has been going on ever since the first humans emerged out of Africa, of course then we did not have borders and immigration policies, but humans have always been moving from place to place in search of better opportunities and better living conditions.

In todays age immigration is one of the ways in which labor flows from areas of high population to areas of low population. Global Tree believes that migration, if approached in the right way, can be of benefit to both the immigrant as well as the country he has immigrated to.

In fact, there are countless examples of people who have immigrated and have gone on to become great thinkers, writers, and leaders of industry. Immigration not only opens up new opportunities but also opens up your mind to new ideas and ideologies as you absorb a different culture.

Favorite Destinations For Immigration

In the modern day, immigration is generally from developing countries who have excess labor population or in other words, a population in the age group of 18-60 to developed countries who are facing labor gaps in their industries.

Many industrialized nations are facing a shortage of labor especially in the skilled sector and are making efforts to bring in migrant workers from countries like India to help fill the gap. Some of the favorite destinations for immigration are New Zealand, USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.

It is worth noting that each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to immigration. We take a look at pros and cons for each country based on ease of obtaining a visa, ease of integration into the local community, employability, quality of life, and safety.

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Ease Of Obtaining A Work Permit/Permanent Residency

Amongst the selected countries, Australia and Canada have the most streamlined and easiest immigration processes while the USA has one of the most difficult and time-consuming processes.

The countrys strong economy and immigrant friendly policies make it a favorite destination for immigrants which make it a long wait for potential immigrants. New Zealand too similar to Canada and Australia has a points based system which makes the process more streamlined and work faster.

Ease Of Integration Into Local Community

Almost all countries have welcoming and friendly people as local citizens who make a new immigrant feel at ease. However having said those fringe elements do exist in all countries who resist the entrance of new immigrants especially as they feel that they would take away jobs from local citizens.

Amongst the countries in question, Canada and Australia are the friendliest towards new immigrants.

Quality Of Life

A quality of life in all the countries in question is of a high standard. All countries have world class infrastructure and well-established systems which help daily life run smoothly.

Canada and Australia have the best health care policy and Canada has the best education system. America used to have one of the best social security systems but is currently in the process of overhauling it.

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All countries are safe for immigrants. Barring a few stray incidents of violence immigrants by and large are able to move around freely within the countries without any fear. For the most part, most locals welcome the diversity of culture that new immigrants can bring in.

Amongst the countries in question, Canada is the safest for new immigrants. To know more about how to immigrate to Canada, UK, USA or Australia get in touch with Global Tree at Begumpet Hyderabad, the most trusted and best Immigration Consultants in India.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Canada: The Great White North is Number 1 on this list. With easy immigration processes, a welcoming society, great education and healthcare, cool weather, and the ever-growing job market, Canada is the undisputed leader in immigration potential.

Germany: The Deutschland is famous for precision, quality, and high expectations. Unsurprisingly, it makes the list but we’re still going to spell it out. Currently, home to over 170,000 Indians, Germany is a melting pot of different cultures mostly from other countries in the EU. A veritable hub for mechanical engineering, Germany has a low level of corruption, and a love for innovation and is home to over 25 Fortune 500 companies. With the demand for highly skilled professionals, Germany is a choice destination for young, smart immigrants from all over the world.

Provincial Nominee Program is one of the best routes for Canadian immigration. Every province (state) in Canada has its criteria for immigration. This criterion is custom-fitted to reflect the needs and growth opportunities arising in that respective province.

A Master’s Degree translates directly into a better CRS score. Your educational qualifications reflect the contribution you would make to the destination country’s economy which means that you would be more sought after. Speaking one of the country's primary languages (Eg: French for Canada) also greatly raises your chances for both visa success as well job opportunities.

If you fall under the NOC list in Canada or SOL in Australia (Occupations in demand list), it means that jobs are readily available for qualified candidates. On average, individuals earn 8 times as much salary in Canada as compared to India.


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