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Section-wise IELTS Training Tips for Assured Success

IELTS Training

The IELTS which stands for International English Language Testing System, to be precise is a system of testing which attempts to evaluate the English language skills of an individual by testing him on four key parameters of any language: writing, reading speaking, and listening. In many cases, IELTS Training can take a long amount of time, however with these tips you can master the test in an easy and effective way.

IELTS Training Tips For Reading Section

  1. Practice reading from a variety of genres
  2. Keep a dictionary handy at all times to check meanings of world
  3. Do not concentrate too much on trying to memorize difficult and seldom used words
  4. While you are reading make it a practice to record expressions that are new to you.

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IELTS Exam Preparation Tips For Speaking And Listening Section

  1. Join a local discussion group to practice talking in English
  2. Practice talking on a randomly selected topic
  3. Time yourself as you are talking about a topic
  4. Record your conversation and play them back to yourself to identify pronunciation mistakes and gaps in fluency
  5. Practice listening to recorded audiobooks or CDS on fiction and non-fiction and writing out bulleted points of the same
  6. Discuss with your friends or IELTS training classmates about what you heard.
  7. Form a group study program with your IELTS coaching classmates and listen to the same CD and swap notes for better understanding

IELTS Exam Preparation Tips For Writing Section

  1. Keep a journal of your daily activities
  2. Read a paragraph from a book or newspaper and write a synopsis of your understanding
  3. Recheck your work to identify and improve weak areas
  4. Practice writing timed tests to enhance your test taking ability

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, some universities don’t make IELTS scores mandatory and some universities have waivers during admissions through which you can enter the US without IELTS.

It depends on the course you are taking up. For English language proficiency, the best tests to choose from are IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL.

A minimum of 60% is mandatory to be eligible to go abroad. For studying abroad, you may need to submit scores of IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, PTE, GMAT, or GRE.


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