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International Affairs Course to Study Abroad

How much does it cost to study International affairs Course Abroad?

The study of international affairs is possible at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral (PhD) levels. A bachelor's degree in international affairs is meant to assist you in acquiring a set of skills and academic knowledge that are extremely valuable. You will be given the means by which to comprehend, clarify, and engage in a complicated and dynamically changing global context.

Your chances of success in both your present and, more crucially, your future careers will rise as a result. The average tuition and fees for the International Relations and Affairs programmes for the academic year 2021–2022 were $31,953 for out-of-state students and $9,190 for residents of the state.

Your ability to analyze critically and connect ideas will improve with a master's degree in international affairs, two skills that companies greatly respect. The average tuition for the programme in international relations and affairs for the academic year 2021–2022 was $22,541 for out-of-state students and $11,858 for residents of the state.

Students who pursue a doctorate in philosophy (PhD) in international affairs are equipped to carry out cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research in significant political science and international affairs fields. Through a combination of in-depth practical fieldwork and thorough theoretical research, PhD students aim to provide comprehensive answers to pressing concerns.

What is the Future Scope of International Affairs Course Abroad?

Since there is a huge demand for policy analysts and critical thinkers in our more globalized environment, international affairs students are anticipated to be in high demand. Graduates of the field of international affairs have important positions in federal, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) around the world.

From 3.82 million in 2018 to 3.95 million in 2019, the number of international affairs graduates in the labor force has grown at a rate of 3.28 percent annually. Undergraduates typically earn $32,965 in their first job, while master's degree abroad holders often make $53,000.

Trending Career Options in International Affairs Course Abroad

For those who want to pursue a career in international affairs, there are numerous employment opportunities available.

Career as a Diplomat

Diplomats may be in charge of managing and enhancing relations with foreign nations or they may lead delegations to friendly nations. Being a diplomat involves flexibility, the capacity to resolve conflicts and networking skills. Generally speaking, a diplomat makes $122,220 a year.

Career as a Public Affairs Professional

Public affairs specialists act as an organization's 'face' to build and sustain a powerfully positive reputation. This necessitates regular media communication, such as the drafting of news releases. Trying to win support for particular laws or policies may be part of the duties of a public relations expert working for a nonprofit or government organization. An expert in public affairs typically earns $43,574 per year.

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Career as an Immigration Expert

An immigration expert offers assistance to people who want to emigrate. Their duties include completing paperwork, requesting work permits, assisting with citizenship, assisting with adoptions, and giving legal counsel. An expert in immigration typically earns $55,064 per year.

Career as an Archivist

An information specialist who examines, researches, and values original records is known as an archivist. These materials include but are not limited to, images, videos, maps, and different types of paper documents, such as manuscripts. Additionally, an archivist may update databases, catalogue objects, and help make items more publically available. An archivist makes, on average, $65,722 a year.


A major in international affairs examines the world and how politics, culture, and economics affect international issues. Students of international affairs work to comprehend how our daily lives are impacted by the intertwined worldwide interactions of politics, economy, and law.

Working in international affairs typically entails living and working overseas for months or even years. Professionals might work overseas for a while before returning home to advance to management or engage in consultancy. Among the courses offered to students are those in politics, history, anthropology, sociology, statistics, economics, and data science.

 Many courses in international affairs demand that students concentrate on a particular area of the world as well as a particular topic, like human rights or global security. Choose the Best International Affairs Course & Colleges to Study Abroad.


Who is eligible to study International Affairs Course Abroad?

Do you wish to work in law, commerce, international business, foreign service, or nonprofits? You can enter all of these fascinating fields with this major!

Majors in international affairs ought to be concerned with global events. They should appreciate reading reputable sources to be informed about current events and discussing and dissecting them with their peers. Language proficiency is useful in this career because most degrees in international affairs require students to take advanced courses in at least one foreign language.

Students who want to learn about significant global concerns might consider this major. Excellent interpersonal, analytical, decision-making, and negotiation abilities are necessary for a career in international affairs. In part because of the tremendous changes the globe is going through, there is a growing need for persons with this degree.

This major gives you the flexibility to explore a number of career routes as well as special insights. Choosing this degree can open up new employment options if you believe it aligns with your interests and abilities.

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Most asked questions on Google

The common notion is that foreign universities are expensive, although with scholarships this is an exaggerated issue. What many fail to consider are time and effort. Studying in an Indian college leads to a lower average salary than earned by our western counterparts. This salary sets the tone for all future promotions since companies often look at your previous salaries during compensation appraisals. Additionally, most senior positions tend to be scooped up by individuals who have an international outlook through global exposure.  Finally, studying in a foreign country is an incredible learning experience helping students get a better academic as well as soft skill development.

Canada has been one of the market leaders in education for decades. However, what currently sets Maple Country apart is immigration. Canada is wholeheartedly inviting students to study in their universities to fill job vacancies that are always growing in the country. Students who study in Canada (especially a Master’s Degree) are practically assured of a Permanent Residency Visa.

A good score doesn’t automatically qualify a candidate for a scholarship, however, it is one of the primary factors that the admissions department looks for in a scholarship application. There are other attributes such as a candidate’s academics, extra-curricular, financial background, and application essays (SOPs).

We get this question a lot. Many candidates know which career path they want to take, but are at a loss for how to take that journey. Understanding the job role and the industry that you want to get into is the first step to picking the right university.

Carefully consider the immigration options of the country that the university that you are considering is in. This is more important when you intend to stay back in the country after the completion of your course.

Also, review the placement history of the university as well.

The first step is to list your preferences. By listing your preferences and strengths, describe your course of preference. Extensive research on the modules, software and its length for your preferred subject is necessary.


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