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9 Affordable Universities in Australia for International Students this year

2. University of Southern Queensland

The University of Southern Queensland (USQ), established in 1967, is a well-known higher education and research institution in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. The college offers over 700 specialized professional degree programs at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate levels. Each institution has six schools that offer programs in business, management, education, law, arts, commerce, humanities, health and nursing, engineering, sciences, communication, and creative arts.

  • MBA of 18 Months - INR 26.3L
  • BBA of 3 Years - INR 12.97L
  • MEng of 2 Years - INR 16.16L - INR 19.68L
  • MIM of 1.5 Years - INR 13.95L - INR 17.54L
  • MS of 18 - 24 Months - INR 13.86L - 14.32L
  • BE/BTech of 3 - 4 Years - INR 14.23L - 19.73L
  • BSc of 3 Years - INR 15.5L

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3. Federation University Australia

Federation University Australia (FedUni) was founded in 1870, making it the country's fourth oldest tertiary education institution. The institution is well-known for its research, particularly in Sports Science, and has campuses in Ballarat, Brisbane, Berwick, Wimmera, and Gippsland. Students from all around the world attend the institution, and the university has received the highest possible position in the Australian Excellence in Research (ERA) ranking.

  • MBA of 24 Months - INR 16.1L
  • MEng of 2 Years - INR 15.88L - INR 16.33L
  • MS of 24 Months - INR 12.69L - 17.39L
  • BBA of 3 Years - INR 14.48L
  • BE/BTech of 3 - 4 Years - INR 13.81L - 16.33L
  • MIM of 2 Years - INR 13.03L - INR 16.33L

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4. Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University is located on Australia's east coast, with campuses in New South Wales, southeast Queensland, Lismore, and Coffs Harbour. The university's undergraduate and postgraduate programs are divided into six schools, two colleges, and two research centers. The school of health and human sciences, the school of education, the school of arts and social sciences, the school of environment, science, and engineering, the school of business and tourism, the school of law and justice, SCU College, the Centre for Peace and Social Justice, the National Marine Science Centre, and the Gnibi College of Indigenous Australian Peoples are all part of the university.

  • MIM of 2 Years - INR 16.36L
  • MBA of 24 Months - INR 16.36L
  • BHM of 3 Years - INR 15.72L
  • BBA of 3 Years - INR 16.79L
  • BE/BTech of 3 - 4 Years - INR 14.42L

5. University of Wollongong

This public institution is one of the most affordable in Australia, with over 300 undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs. The Greater Sydney region is home to three of Australia's nine campuses (Sydney CBD, Loftus, and Liverpool). Wollongong provides a hands-on learning environment. Arts and humanities, engineering, health and medicine, mathematics, and physics are among the degrees available.

  • MBA of 24 Months - ₹22.5 L
  • BBA of 36 - 66 Months - ₹16.6 L - 18.8 L
  • MS of 12- 24 Months - ₹16.4 L - 21.7 L
  • MIM of 18-24 Months - ₹13.2 L - 19.8 L
  • BE/BTech of 36 - 84 Months - ₹18.6 L - 21.7 L

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6. Edith Cowan University

Edith Cowan University is a public Australian university in Perth, Western Australia. This university has eight schools: Business and Law School, Arts and Humanities School, Education School, Engineering School, Medical and Health Sciences School, Nursing and Midwifery School, Science School, and Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. It offers over 400 courses.

  • MIM of 2 Years - INR 16.89L - INR 21.5L
  • MEng of 2 Years - INR 18.03L
  • MS of 18 - 24 Months - INR 17.45L - 20.19L
  • MBA of 24 Months -INR 17.95L - INR 18.09L
  • BE/BTech of, - 4 Years - INR 17.56L - INR 22.03L

7. University of Divinity

The University of Divinity in Melbourne, Australia, is one of the country's most affordable universities. It was founded in 1910 and contains 11 universities that specialize in theology and theological studies. The seminary offers a fantastic faculty-to-student ratio. It is also Victoria's second oldest university. Undergraduate degrees, postgraduate degrees, advanced degrees, degrees, and diplomas are all available. We were voted the top institution in Australia, with a 92% alumni satisfaction rating. The University of Divinity's course costs are among the lowest in Australia for overseas students in 2023.

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8. Griffith University

This is one of Australia's leading MBA universities, noted for its research-based programs. This university is one of Australia's top ten low-cost universities. The university provides over 200 courses and has over 50,000 students enrolled each year. Founded in 1975, this university's other specializations include architecture, business, criminology, and law.

  • MBA of 12 - 18 Months - ₹23.9 L
  • BBA of 12 - 48 Months - ₹16.7 L - 18.7 L
  • MS of 12 - 30 Months - ₹18.1 L - 22 L
  • MIM of 12 - 216 Months - ₹16.5 L - 22 L
  • BE/BTech of 12 - 60 Months -₹17 L - 20.9 L

9. Western Sydney University

One of Australia's most affordable institutions for international students. The university enrolls about 45,000 students from over 70 nationalities, making it a multicultural institution. Western Sydney University is located in the Australian town of Bankstown. Specialized courses in law, medicine, and social sciences are available at the institution.

  • MBA of 24 Months - ₹1.7 L
  • BBA of 36 - 60 Months - ₹14.4 L - 18.1 L
  • MS of 12 - 36 Months - ₹15.4 L - 19.2 L
  • MIM of 12 - 24 Months - ₹17.4 L - 18.3 L
  • MEng of 24 Months - ₹16.6 L - 19.2 L
  • BE/BTech of 36 - 60 Months - ₹15.1 L - 19.1 L

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10. Charles Sturt University

Charles Sturt University, usually known as CSU, is an Australian multi-campus public university in New South Wales that was founded in 1989. Students can select from a variety of postgraduate and undergraduate courses, where they will be able to study in modern classrooms with all of the necessary facilities and study materials. The institution also provides remote education programs that allow students to select courses at the bachelor's and postgraduate levels. The college also provides distant learning options and is one of the top ten low-cost universities in Australia.

  • MBA of 18 Months - INR 17.19L
  • BBA of 3 Years - INR 14.08L
  • MS of,8 - 24 Months - INR 15.76L - INR 17.88L

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11. University of Wollongong


This public institution is one of the most affordable in Australia, with over 300 undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs. The Greater Sydney region is home to three of Australia's nine campuses (Sydney CBD, Loftus, and Liverpool). Wollongong provides a hands-on learning environment. Arts and humanities, engineering, health and medicine, mathematics, and physics are among the degrees available.

  • MBA of 24 Months - ₹22.5 L
  • BBA of 36 - 66 Months - ₹16.6 L - 18.8 L
  • MS of,2 - 24 Months - ₹16.4 L - 21.7 L
  • MIM of 18 - 24 Months - ₹13.2 L - 19.8 L
  • BE/BTech of 36 - 84 Months - ₹18.6 L - 21.7 L


Studying in Australia offers a multitude of benefits that make it an appealing choice for international students. With its world-renowned education system, diverse range of courses, and high-quality institutions, students gain access to a rich academic experience and a supportive learning environment. Moreover, Australia's multicultural society fosters a sense of inclusivity and provides students with an opportunity to embrace diverse perspectives and cultures. Additionally, the country's stunning natural beauty and vibrant cities offer an excellent backdrop for a well-rounded and enriching student life. Furthermore, international students can benefit from various work opportunities and post-study pathways, enhancing their global employability. Ultimately, choosing to study in Australia can be a transformative journey that equips students with valuable skills, unforgettable experiences, and a promising future in terms of remuneration and jobs in Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) for Low Costing Universities in Australia

Can I settle in Australia after study?

Yes, Australia offers post-study extensions on student visas to international students in order for them to stay in the country and further their education or find work in their chosen industries.

How many bands are required for Australia?

In general, a student must have a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 overall, with no less than 6.0 in any module, in order to pursue an undergraduate degree. To enroll in a Master's program, students must receive at least 6.5 bands overall, with a minimum of 6.0 bands in each module.

How much we can earn in Australia while studying?

Students can earn up to $855.20 per fortnight during the school term and more during school breaks because Australia's hourly minimum wage is AUD 21.38. This rate, however, may vary depending on the industry and the type of task.

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What is the age limit for student visa in Australia?

You must be at least 18 years old to apply for an Australian student visa. In Australia, there is no upper age limit for student visas. Under 18-year-olds are not eligible for this Subclass 500 because student visa Australia requirements applies.

Which courses offer PR in Australia?

Engineering, computer networking, midwifery, education, medical studies, and vocational certification programs can qualify you for permanent residency in Australia. Other trade courses include electrical engineering, automotive, painting, hospitality, building, construction, and so on.


Australia is setting international norms for educational achievement. The Australian education sector includes world-class educational institutions, first-rate training facilities, exceptional professors, and excellent student support services. Look to independent worldwide rankings such as Times Higher Education, QS, and Shanghai Rankings for unbiased verification that Australian universities actually are world-class. Year after year, these organizations place Australian institutions among the world's top 100 universities. Education in Australia is geared to help you excel in the global workforce. A qualification from Australia will make you highly appealing to potential employers in Australia, at home, and around the world. 

Why choose Australia to Study abroad?

One of the Top reasons why Australia can be your study destination is when it comes to the implementation of rights and consumer protection, Australia is unrivaled. It provides the most stringent consumer protection to international students. According to the Australian Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000, all programs available to international students must adhere to severe government requirements.

9 Cheap Universities in Australia for International Students

Sr.No. Name of the University Type of University Intake Session Average Tuition UG Average Tuition PG Average Tuition MBA


University of the Sunshine Coast 


Fall and Spring 

AUD 24,300 

AUD 22,500 

AUD 26,200 


University of Southern Queensland 


Fall and Spring 

AUD 22,500 

AUD 24,300 

AUD 16,800 


Federation University Australia 



AUD 21,000 

AUD 30,000 


AUD 22,000 


Southern Cross University 


3 Terms- 




AUD 26,800 

AUD 32,000 

AUD 30,400 


University of Wollongong 


Fall and Spring 

AUD 40,000 

AUD 20,000 

AUD 44,000 


Edith Cowan University 



AUD 25,000 

AUD 28,500 

AUD 26,000 


University of Divinity 


Fall and Spring 

AUD 15,000 

AUD 17,000 

AUD 14,000 


Griffith University 


Fall and Spring 

AUD 35,000 

AUD 29,000 

AUD 40,200 


Western Sydney University 



AUD 21,000 

AUD 56,000 

AUD 33,000 


Charles Sturt University 



AUD 16,000 

AUD 20,000 

AUD 28,000 


University of Wollongong 


Fall and Spring 

AUD 40,000 

AUD 20,000 

AUD 44,000 

Popular Scholarships in Australia to Study 

1. University of the Sunshine Coast

The University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) is a public institution of higher learning and research in Queensland that was founded in 1994. USC includes eight schools and nearly 120 programs in business, education, social science, tourism, humanities, law, communication, design, health, creative industries, science, and technology. Sunshine Coast University is noted for its innovative approach to teaching and is one of Australia's most affordable universities for overseas students. This is one of Australia's most cheap institutions, located on the Sunshine Coast. Overall, the university is recognized as one of the best in Australia. 

  • BBA for 3 Years - INR 13.45L - INR 16.55L 

  • MBA for 18 Months - INR 15.11L 

  • BE/BTech for 3 - 5 Years - INR 13.45L - 16.55L 

  • MIM for 1.5 - 2 Years - INR 15.11L - INR 16.22L 

Frequently Asked Questions

The common notion is that foreign universities are expensive, although with scholarships this is an exaggerated issue. What many fail to consider are time and effort. Studying in an Indian college leads to a lower average salary than earned by our western counterparts. This salary sets the tone for all future promotions since companies often look at your previous salaries during compensation appraisals. Additionally, most senior positions tend to be scooped up by individuals who have an international outlook through global exposure.  Finally, studying in a foreign country is an incredible learning experience helping students get a better academic as well as soft skill development.

Canada has been one of the market leaders in education for decades. However, what currently sets Maple Country apart is immigration. Canada is wholeheartedly inviting students to study in their universities to fill job vacancies that are always growing in the country. Students who study in Canada (especially a Master’s Degree) are practically assured of a Permanent Residency Visa.

A good score doesn’t automatically qualify a candidate for a scholarship, however, it is one of the primary factors that the admissions department looks for in a scholarship application. There are other attributes such as a candidate’s academics, extra-curricular, financial background, and application essays (SOPs).

We get this question a lot. Many candidates know which career path they want to take, but are at a loss for how to take that journey. Understanding the job role and the industry that you want to get into is the first step to picking the right university.

Carefully consider the immigration options of the country that the university that you are considering is in. This is more important when you intend to stay back in the country after the completion of your course.

Also, review the placement history of the university as well.

The first step is to list your preferences. By listing your preferences and strengths, describe your course of preference. Extensive research on the modules, software and its length for your preferred subject is necessary.


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