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12 Best Tips for Scoring High in SPEAKING Test of PTE Academic

Follow The 12 Best Tips For Highest Score In Speaking Test Of PTE Academic

For scoring high in PTE Academic it is important to know where one stands initially. So that one can know the weaknesses and strengths and be able to improve accordingly.

Knowing your strengths boosts you up to do the test better. As it is known PTE Academic has speaking, writing, Reading and listening aspects Your Speaking section is judged based on oral fluency and pronunciation.

Unlike IELTS Exam the speaking section is not done manually but with a computer. So a feeling of nervousness sitting in front of English professor may not scare you out. This is one plus point with PTE Academic. The scores are given accordingly as referred below.

  1. 5 - Native-like
  2. 4 - Advanced
  3. 3 - Good
  4. 2 - Intermediate
  5. 1 - Intrusive
  6. 0 - Non English

Tips For Scoring In Speaking Test Of PTE Academic

Follow the tips for scoring your best in Speaking test of PTE Academic

Tip 1: Search on schwa sound on you tube and learn the linking like Consonant to vowel, vowel to vowel and Consonant to consonant. Try to repeat the native English speakers of British, American or Australian origin. Learning the word linking is easy but mastering the same requires lots of practice. To improve pronunciation, go through IPA and phonemes and practice on the same.

Tip 2: The oral fluency can be gained with constant mock tests by ones self through recording and listening, thereby improving the speech to mimic a native speaker. Reading Newspaper, watching and listening to English movies, News channels with an ear for detail and implementing accordingly fetches a good score in PTE Academic.

  • Repeating the Sentence:

    The candidates skills are tested here in the area of explaining and giving information with proper pronunciation. The speech must be fluent, with correct vocabulary. Scoring is based on insertions, omissions.

    All words from the prompt should be responded in a correct sequence 2 50% of the given sequence should be correct 1 Less than 50% of the given sequence should be correct 0 When nothing was uttered in response to the prompt

Tip 3: Listen with full concentration speak it out what you have heard. Start speaking after the computer stops speaking. Give importance to keywords in the sentence you heard while attempting the initial aspect of the speaking test of PTE Academic.

  • Illustrating the Image:

    Your skills are tested here in the area of boosting an expressed opinion with examples, explanations, presenting logically with complex ideas, with a remarkable flow of fluency, using appropriate phrases, grammar, at a natural instinct.

  1. Scoring: 5 Description of the image should be comprehensive and balanced and concluded with implications.
  2. Scoring: 4 Description with all the elements of the image, concluding in connection to inference
  3. Scoring: 3 Description of most of the elements of the image, concluding in connection to inference
  4. Scoring: 2 Shows basic knowledge and understanding of the image and explains one of the basic elements with clear implications
  5. Scoring: 1 Describing the image with basic understanding and no clear implications
  6. Scoring: 0 Irrelevant elements during presentation

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Tip 4:Practice a lot with Tell what chart learn to use proper vocabulary such as illustrates, depicts, and so on. Don t use simple words such as show often. Know the types of images such as Bar-chart, Line-graph, Pie-chart.

Tip 5: While illustrating the image use the words above, at the top, bottom, foreground, background, right hand side, left hand side, next to, below and so on.

Tip 6: Never be silent, say something about the image. Take not more than 30 35 seconds. Incomplete sentences do not give marks.

  1. Re-telling a Lecture:

    The skills tested here are how the test taker understands the topic, key themes and main ideas, understanding the perspective, purpose of the speaker, comprehending the information, able to categorize the information, and sequencing verbally

  • Scoring: 5 Restates all the elements during presentation, aspects, concluding with implications
  • Scoring: 4 Illustrate all the essential elements of presentation, with proper conclusions
  • Scoring: 3 Illustrates most of the elements with proper conclusions
  • Scoring: 2 Focuses on one major point, showing that the test taker understands the implication.
  • Scoring: 1 Focuses on some elements during presentation but no clear implications
  • Scoring: 0 No co-relation in between the elements

Tip 7: Describe the lecture by stating . According to the speaker, the given lecture gives a brief account on.

Tip 8: Make note of the key words and use them appropriately

Tip 9: Simplify 3-5 sentences while re-telling lecture.

Tip 10: Avoid the vowels and take only key words to save your precious time and practice accordingly

  • Short Answer Questions: The skills tested in this aspect of speaking section of PTE Academic is to identify the main theme, use of vocabulary, concluding with implications
  1. Scoring: 1 Proper word choice selection
  2. Scoring: 0 Improper word choice selection

Tip 11 Even if you don t know the answer for the question, try repeating the question

Tip 12 Always remember the articles a, an, and the. Use them before words as and when necessary.

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Test Taker Of PTE Academic

It gives an impression about the test taker of PTE Academic that you know the correct usage of articles.

Following the tips with lots of practice and mock tests is not just enough for your best score. It is very well required to be guided by experienced professor to put the tips and techniques in practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, some universities don’t make IELTS scores mandatory and some universities have waivers during admissions through which you can enter the US without IELTS.

It depends on the course you are taking up. For English language proficiency, the best tests to choose from are IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL.

A minimum of 60% is mandatory to be eligible to go abroad. For studying abroad, you may need to submit scores of IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, PTE, GMAT, or GRE.


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