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How to Write a Great GRE Argument Essay: 7 Simple Tips

How to Write a Great GRE Argument Essay

An argument essay is a type of essay, which makes a student, must research a subject, gather, produce, and assess supporting data to present their opinion concisely. The name of the argument essay comes from the need that you not only analyze an existing argument but also advance a new one. How well you can dissect the premises of the argument prompts will determine how persuasively you can make this argument.

You will be required to write two essays for the GRE: an Issue essay and an Argument essay. You will have the opportunity to show how well you comprehend, dissect, and assess an argument in the GRE Argument essay. Here are some tips.

7 Tips to ace the GRE Argument essay

1. Recognize fallacies in logic

Logical fallacies are similar to gaps in the argument. Depending on what the author is arguing, these gaps can manifest in argument essay prompts in a variety of ways. Every single GRE Argument assignment prompt has implicit assumptions made by the author, also referred to as logical fallacies. It is your responsibility to demonstrate how the argument is flawed because it is based on these fallacies.

Pay close attention to the claims made by the author, the supporting evidence, and the prompt. Finding out what the author has assumed and then attempting to explain why that assumption might be incorrect is a fantastic approach to spotting fallacies.

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2. It doesn’t matter who is right

It doesn't matter to the GRE test creators whether you agree with the author or not. Instead, they're testing your ability to evaluate an author's logic and use of evidence critically. Spend your precious time analyzing the evidence supporting the author's argument rather than speculating about its morality.


3. The prompt will tell you everything

Look out for the following:

· Lack of proof to back an assumption: You should state this deficiency in your essay and make note of the kind of data that would support the claim. Does the author provide details while making generalizations? You should draw attention to that. To ace this strategy, it is suggested to practice more number of GRE sample papers prior to test day.

· Jumping to conclusions: Most argumentative writing prompts include at least one such assumption. Look for the author's justification when you read each of the prompt's

sentences. If there isn't a clear line of reasoning, you should take note that the author has made assumptions.

· Indefinite language: Does the author provide details while making generalizations? You should draw attention to that!

· Data points: The author's use of numbers does not necessarily imply that they are accurate or even objective. Think about the validity of any data or data collection techniques offered in the essay prompt and address this in your essay.


4. Clear writing is the Key

This is not a creative writing essay, so keep that in mind. Ensure that every remark you make is as clear as possible. Use appropriate terminology and a variety of sentence structures that will even improve your GRE Verbal Score. Given that the power of your argument is entirely dependent on the language you employ, it is crucial to utilize exact terminology than ornamental ones.


5. Having a structure will help you

Before you begin writing your essay, select your top three or four fallacies, and create a brief outline. There is nothing worse than having to put your essay on hold while you brainstorm new ideas, therefore you should stick to a rigid organizational structure:

· Introduction: The introduction should include a summary of all the fallacies you intend to address in the first three or four phrases.

· Fallacies: Each should have a paragraph that is indented. You should go into great depth about it, and you might even choose to use a quote from the prompt to support your argument.

· Suggestions for strengthening the prompt argument: If there is time, you should offer a paragraph outlining how the author could present a stronger argument.

· Conclusion: The conclusion should be as concise as the introduction and should restate your main points (the fallacies and suggestions) and tie up any loose ends. Do not omit this section! Write something, even if it's just one sentence if you have the time.


6. Quality is important, and so is quantity

One characteristic of the essays that typically receive the best grades is length! Write as much as you can without sounding repetitive. Your argumentative essay should have four indented paragraphs and be between 350 and 600 words, ideally between 500 and 600 words. The most crucial factor is quality, and to attain it, you must offer a strong line of justification and great examples, both of which call for length. This is one of the most important tips to get a perfect score in GRE test.


7. A perfect score does not require perfection

A great essay will have a thorough analysis, claims supported by convincing examples, solid organization, sentence diversity, and well-selected terminology, among other things. But perfection is not required!

An essay that receives a grade of 6 "may have minor faults that do not interfere with meaning," according to ETS. Strive for the highest standards, but don't let them stand in the way of writing a good essay that might even receive a perfect GRE score. AWA in GRE is tough only when you lack in practice. Reach out for the best GRE coaching from our experts to boost your scores.

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