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Best places to study in USA for Game of Thrones fan

Best Places to Study In USA

Are you a ‘GOT’ fan? GOT for the uninitiated is the acronym fondly given by the fans to the popular series Game of Thrones. Blog post, twitter feeds and reddit posts are all over the internet, with many a fan page devoted to the epic saga.

University students who are looking to study abroad are one of the first people to catch on to these trends and are actually looking to join colleges that simulate the experience of the series. If you are one of the enthusiastic fans and are looking to study abroad, then we have a few courses lined up for you

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Students who study in USA at the University of California at Berkley  has a special class known as the Film 108 class which focuses on the Game of Thrones show and contrasts it with the Lord of the Rings to showcase its more ironic approach to show struggle for power as opposed to the tragical romance of the latter. The course which is by no means an elective, focuses on the rationale and literature of the show and counts for 4 units of study.


Students who study in USA at the Drexel University will be able to take a Game of Thrones literature class which focuses on the story and literary nuances of the series. Drexel was one of the earliest colleges to jump on the GOT popularity bandwagon and started off way back in 2012 when the show was in its second season.


Students who study in USA at NIU were able to attend an honors seminar based on the “Game of Thrones” theme, which resulted in semester-long debates and discussions around subjects such as the value and importance of literature-based TV shows, as well as modern representations of violence. The course turned out to be extremely popular among students and is expected to be offered again next spring as well.


Students who studied in USA at Rice University got to sample an unique take on the Game of Thrones series in a course that focused on the famous quote by Cerise –when you play the game of thrones you win or you die’. It contrasted the lives of various historical personalities through the ages who lived and died by that theme.


The University of New York at Cortland, has a class on Game of Thrones that aims to deconstruct and analyze the main themes for the first three novels of the series. It looks into the growth of fantasy fiction as well as the concepts of power, loyalty and discipline as seen from the lens of the series.


The University of Tulsa aims to bring in more awareness and social change on society’s perception towards the disabled with its own unique Game of Thrones and Disability course which explores how disabled characters are portrayed in the fantasy series.

So if you are a diehard Game of Thrones fan and would like to know more about taking up any of these courses or studying abroad in USA, get in touch with our expert education consultants who can guide you to success

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