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Ace your score in GRE for your Admission into Top Universities Overseas!

An excellent guide for Best Scoring in GRE

GRE (Graduate Record Examination) evaluates the analytical, verbal and mathematical skills of a candidate who wishes to pursue foreign education overseas. The students who wish to study MS or MBA should attempt this computer based test. There are two types of GRE Tests. The first one is Basic GRE Test where, the basic skills of the test-taker are analyzed. The second type is Subject GRE Test. The students, who are interested to study particular subject should show their skills in that subject through subject GRE which may not be mandate by all the Universities. GRE is widely accepted Test for most of the Universities of USA, Singapore, UK, Europe, Australia and Singapore. Chemistry, Mathematics, Psychology, Physics, biology, Literature, Biochemistry. Apart from attempting the basic GRE Test, if the test-taker scores well in Subject GRE, this makes a significant impact on the application of the test-taker, making the candidate stand-out from the crowd. The Universities abroad generally do not have a cutoff or qualifying mark for GRE and each University has its rules and regulations for the admission process as GRE is one of the eligibility criteria.

Basic GRE:

There are 3 sections in basic GRE.

  1. Analytical Writing
  2. Verbal Reasoning
  3. Quantitative Reasoning

Analytical Writing in GRE Test

This section has 2 tasks. Analyze an issue, and analyze an argument. The time duration is one hour. It means, half an hour for each task. Analytical Writing is 130-170 score scale. The scores are given according to the quality of essay. The merged analytical score is developed by taking average of both tasks and rounding it to the nearest half-point interval on 0-6 score scale. Critical thinking plays a major role in scoring the Analytical Writing of GRE Exam.

Verbal Reasoning in GRE Test

This section has 2 sections. 20 questions are assigned per section and each section is given 30 minutes of time duration. Verbal Reasoning assesses the ability of the test taker to analyze the sentence structure and understanding the relationship between the words and given concepts in the comprehension. Sentence equivalence, text completion and reading comprehension are 3 types of questions one can expect in verbal reasoning. The scores are given between 130 and 170. The questions look complicated, hence need to be understood properly first before attempting. The technique in answering the questions given in Verbal Reasoning is that, the connection between the passages should be established, and this can be developed through practice and mock tests.

Quantitative Reasoning

This section consists of 2 sections, 20 questions per section and the time duration per each section is 35 minutes. The scores are given on 130-170 score scale and with one point increments. The Quantitative Reasoning in GRE has 4 types of questions. They are

  1. Quantitative comparison questions
  2. Multiple Choice – one answer
  3. Multiple Choice – more than one answer
  4. Numeric entry

The questions in this section may appear independent or a set of questions, which is called Data Interpretation set and the data given in tables, graphs is used in framing the questions.

Validity of GRE Scores

GRE scores are valid and accepted by the Universities for 5 years from the date of attempt. The scores are sent to the choicest Universities on request within 6 weeks after the exam.

Though one can follow the tips, techniques available online, and buy books and get resources for preparation of GRE, it is important to be guided by experienced faculty, who can teach to manage the time and analyze the different dimensions in a question before answering it. Therefore, to make the test-takers job easier, Global Tree Overseas Education and Immigration Consultants has employed an in-house training department and is ranked as the Best GRE coaching center in Hyderabad. To register your slot and start your preparation for GRE exam contact Global Tree who has state of art class rooms with well experienced faculty to meet the growing needs in GRE preparation and there exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, SAT and other entrance exams.

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