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How to convince your family on your decision to pursue a foreign degree

The decision to pursue a degree in a foreign country is often touted as one of the best decisions you will make in your life. You will be returning not only with a well-respected degree and better prospects for your career but also with a number of friends you would have made and a whole new personality. All parents wish the best for their children, and many parents encourage their wards to study at the best universities. In fact, a number of parents go so far as to save money for their education from a young age and hone their skills for getting admission into the top universities. However, there are also parents who are concerned about the idea of sending their precious child so far away from home. If you are in such a situation then read on for some tips on selling your idea to your parents.

Put your money where your mouth is

Colloquially speaking, or in other words, be prepared to show your parents that you are serious about your intentions. And by that, we mean you study hard and get good grades that will qualify for you for admission to the best universities abroad. Take a few classes to learn a foreign language to show them that you are serious about your intentions of pursuing an overseas education.

Acquaint them with benefits to your career

Every parent wants their child to have a successful career. Show them how your experience at a foreign university can help you gain the additional thrust you require for your professional growth. Talk to them about the alumni network you will be gaining and also about the graduate employability of foreign universities vis a vis local ones. Tell them about all the additional benefits such as internship and research opportunities that you will get when you study abroad.

Prepare them to expect a new improved version of yourself

Pursuing an overseas education will help you to develop a well-rounded and independent personality. A stint at a foreign university does not fail to broaden one’s outlook towards life. Explain to your parents about all the benefits an overseas education can have on your overall personality and the positive impact it will have on your future.

Show them that you can be fiscally responsible

One major concern for parents whose children are planning to go for abroad education is that they will spend recklessly. It is up to you to show your parents that you can be fiscally responsible while you stay far away from them. Start budgeting for all your expenses in a notebook or on your computer. If possible find a part-time job to earn your own money and show your parents that you can be trusted with money. And if you can save enough to fund a part of your education then their pride in you will know no bounds.

Reassure them of your safety

In the current world scenario, it is not surprising that parents are concerned about sending their wards to a new country to study. You can reassure your parents by telling them about the security arrangements at your university. Many universities have additional safety measures for foreign students such as transfer from the airport to the university to ensure their safety. Make up a schedule for calling them or video chatting to show them that you are serious about keeping in touch while you pursue your abroad education.

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