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Sweden-A haven for Entrepreneurs

Apply for Work Visa to Sweden to show Entrepreneurial Spirit

Global Tree-Apply for Work Visa to Sweden to show Entrepreneurial Spirit

If you have the Entrepreneurial Spirit, then Sweden is the right country for you. The country is the place where immigrants who have been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug thrive and prosper. The country provides employees with adequate leave policy and a generous package of social welfare benefits. Sweden on the whole functions more as a welfare state rather than a capitalistic society, which would lead one to assume that it is not the best place for startups. However more and more immigrants are finding that Sweden is the ideal location for starting a new venture.


Sweden’s excellence at promoting new ventures

Sweden has been known for its excellence and ability in encouraging new businesses, many of which are huge successes. The country boasts of having been the birthplace of global names such as Spotify, Klarna and King. The capital city, Stockholm has the distinction of being the country with the second highest number of tech companies in the billion dollar league in the whole world second only to Silicon Valley. An inspiring piece of information for any immigrant who is looking out for an entrepreneurial venture.

The overall number of startups per 1000 people in Sweden is 20, which is impressive when compared to the US figure of 5 per 1000. Sweden also enjoys a high ranking among the countries of the developed world for consumer confidence and availability of opportunity. More than 60 percent of Swedes think that the country has good opportunities to start a firm. This positive thinking also influences immigrants who come to the country and helps them to make a success of their ventures.

In Sweden, new businesses are cropping up at an accelerated pace. Moreover, Sweden’s economy is growing at a pace that is far beyond what is expected with its size. Causing its GDP to outperform most major European countries


Reasons for Sweden’s success as a start-up country

Sweden provides various benefits to startup companies including a thriving economy as well as a strong safety net. Sweden has become better at encouraging new business over the past two decades. One of the reasons for its success is that Sweden is a small sized country, which encourages a community feeling among co-founders. This encourages people to reach out to each other for ideas and advice. Which can promoters of new ventures more efficient and productive? Also, as Immigration to Sweden has a high level of trust, they are open to working with one another which make collaboration easier. Many companies in Sweden also encourage what is known as Entrepreneurship, which means that people within the companies are encouraged to come up with ideas for new intra-company ventures. Also as supervisors and managers provide more flexibility to their employees it creates an atmosphere where new ideas can be hatched.


Benefits for immigrants to Sweden

The success of Sweden as a country for start-ups has also the potential for benefiting immigrants in diverse ways. Firstly as the number of new companies grows, the demand for Skilled Immigrants will increase, this will lead to more opportunities and better job prospects for immigrants. Also as more people from their own home country, find entry into Sweden and prosper and settle down, more immigrants will find it comfortable to apply and stay in Sweden.


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