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2021 Overseas Education- Let’s Get Back to the Class!

The Covid 19 pandemic started in the year 2019 and dimmed the light on many overseas education dreams. But now, in 2021, universities worldwide are better prepared to face the situation and are ready to open their doors to international students. With the successful vaccine drives happening across the globe, physical classes are ready to begin in most countries and universities.

● Overseas education with physical classes is back!
● Waivers and concessions have been made with regards to entry requirements and eligibility
● Covid-friendly study atmosphere in universities
● Remote learning options available in all top universities
● Best time to hone skills and be prepared for the post-covid boom in terms of jobs

on campus learning for overseas education 2021Major educational destinations like the USA, UK, Singapore, Canada are welcoming international students for on-campus learning. There are other options and concessions too to facilitate more students joining the Fall Semester. It is possible and easy to move towards your ambitions with the right guidance and information. Overseas Education amps up your profile and gives you unmatched exposure and personality development. Even though the pandemic put a pause on everyone’s plans, the world is now ready for you to accomplish your study goals and career plans with the right planning.

1. Learning in a peer environment is back in 2021:

USA, UK, Canada, Singapore have opened their doors to international students with regular classes on campus. Most of the universities are offering on-campus classes, of course in small numbers and with schedule modifications. There are changes in the education system, but you can get back to studying at the world’s top universities with many good options available and accomplish your study-abroad dreams without missing out on the chance to explore and grow with peer interaction.

2. Some sweet changes to make your study experience even better (relaxed entry criteria, financial concessions )

Universities across the globe have modified and adapted to the pandemic demands and thus, schedules of classes, rules, and regulations have undergone changes. Make sure to know about these details before applying or joining any university. Many universities in the USA and UK are offering concessions on tuition fees, scholarships, financial aid for accommodation, and many more flexible options to ease the transition for students in this difficult time. SAT examinations have been waived off as an eligibility requirement for undergraduate admissions. The GRE examination has been waived off as a compulsion for graduate admissions. Make the most of these waivers and take your step towards international universities today with Global Tree!

3. Still not convinced? Even remote learning is good learning:

If working from home can be such a hit, why not study from home too? If you are still worried and scared to travel overseas or attend on-campus classes, a remote learning option is available too. Make use of the emerging educational technology and join your choice of course and university. Despite missing out on a campus experience, it is still better to begin your higher education at the earliest, rather than dropping a year. To enroll in online classes and begin your international education journey today. To know about which colleges and which courses can be taken up, contact our Expert Overseas Education Consultants at Global Tree, who will be happy to assist you.

4. Take the time, Prepare, and Ace the Entrance!

If you are one of those still wanting to wait this year out, then make the most of this time by preparing well for the entrances. Entrances are an important part of studying abroad. The English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and other entrance examinations like GMAT, GRE can be taken during this time to be prepared for the next intake. Get the best training for study abroad entrance exams that you need to study at your dream destination. Most of these test scores are valid for at least one year, so, make the most of this time and prepare well for the entrances before the next intake, where it will be of use for you to start applying.

5. Universities leave no stone unturned in ensuring a warm welcome back:

After the pandemic, the entry regulations into countries have changed for international students. A negative RTPCR report valid for 72 hours at the time of landing may be required by some countries. There are universities offering vaccination on campus to students coming from abroad who have not been able to get their shot. Some universities are also offering free quarantine facilities for international students to ease their study experience in the best colleges.

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6. Get career ready for the forthcoming post-covid boom:

After the slowdown of 2020, 2021 is going to be the best time to sharpen your skills, add to your educational qualifications and be ready for the best job opportunities that will open up after the pandemic. The world market is expected to expand with immense scope for new professionals ready to bring about change and add to businesses worldwide. So, this is the time to get prepared with international education to upscale your profile and strengthen your chances at a bright career.

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