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GMAT Training center in India for Abroad Education


Ace your GMAT scores with proper training programs

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is created for admission into Business Schools abroad. More than 2100 business schools from across the globe accept GMAT scores for the admission into their respective colleges and universities from the students who wish to study abroad. The test aims at measuring the skills of a candidate that bear the highest priority for business and management. Analytical Writing, data sufficiency, critical reasoning & logic as well as problem-solving abilities are assessed through the GMAT exam. June 2012 opened a new era of GMAT with the introduction of Integrated Reasoning which measures the ability to foresee the information in new formats, these skills are more important for students in a technological world. Attempting the test requires training which helps in securing the required scores.

Kaplan Survey states that the number of students who prefer to take GMAT increased to 44% from 2014. The increased popularity and demand for GMAT training is not a denial. It assures the universities about the caliber of the student who is serious in earning an international degree through abroad education.  A student demonstrates the commitment in attempting the exam which is essential for successful completion of the abroad education.

The duration of the exam is 3 hours, 30 minutes. The sections include

  • Analytical Writing Assessment section – 30 minutes
  • Integrated Reasoning – 30 minutes
  • Quantitative Reasoning – 75 minutes
  • Verbal Reasoning – 75 minutes

Specific targets of each section

  • Analytical writing helps in the assessment of analyzing an argument
  • Integrated reasoning assess the analyzing and summarizing skills of a given problem
  • Quantitative reasoning helps in the assessment of data sufficiency and problem-solving
  • Verbal Reasoning analyzes the comprehension, sentence correction and critical reasoning.

Scores for the individual sections

  • Scores for GMAT exam range from 200-800 points increasing at 10 –point marks
  • Quantitative reasoning accounts for 0-60 at one point increments
  • Verbal section accounts for 0-60 at one point increments
  • Analytical Writing assessment accounts for 0-6 in half-point increments
  • Integrated reasoning accounts for 1-8 in one point increments

Get the GMAT advantage through training

The GMAT exam is a standardized exam accepted by the schools and industries for their selection process. The overall scores help the selecting entity to look for a singular number to assess the ability and flexibility remains for individual section scores. When it is so much recognized and required, then it is always advised to face the exam with complete preparation. GMAT training provides the techniques for solving the problems are questions in an accurate and short time span. It also helps in time management.

The GMAT – Consistent & Precise

The test pattern and contents, the yardsticks (questions) were same wherever the exam is attempted. It is designed by international experts, with multi-cultural examples and minimizes a nation centered bias. It is architecture in view of all nationalities equally. It is always agreed that GMAT test is precise and helps to assess individual’s ability to a necessary level.

The GMAT – Known for its availability

GMAT is offered by more than 2100 universities from 114 countries and is used by not less than 600 programs from across the globe.

If you are planning for your abroad education in top business schools for your management studies, avail the GMAT training from Global Tree who have state of art classrooms and experienced faculty. Global tree boasts of its presence in15 locations across India.

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