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Do students deserve greater insights on performance of their agents?

Australian parliament has passed a bill that allows student education outcome information to be made public that could be used to review the performance of Education Agencies Abroad.

The bill was proposed by education and Training Department Of Australia for enhancing the transparency among education agencies and students. Since the announcement, this decision has faced a backlash from agents across the globe.

AAERI Agents

The AAERI which represent 94 Education Consultants all over India pointed out the unfairness of publishing this information.

AAERI is worried about the potential impact of changes as India has sent over 25,000 students to Study in Australia for the year 2016-17.

According to the AAERI president, Rahul Gandhi, public release of this information would not put the desired impact, because of the interference by Onshore Agents. It would not reflect the true perspective or true picture as the onshore agents are poaching students that are hired by offshore agents. Understanding the performance of Offshore Agents is likely if onshore agents are not permitted to hire student prior conclusion of their main course.

The issue raised by him was for those students who transfer after Migrate to Australia because of the actions by onshore agents who stand for profit from commission paid by the second institution.

Australia Quality Education Services

The Australian Education and Training Department has been in contact with AAERI and agrees that the amendments must not have unintended consequences for agents who provide High-Quality Education Services.

Other agents told that publication of this information would target the wrong part of the sector. Arguing that the rules are not fair, as although there are many mistakes that offshore agents could be responsible for, issues rising after students’ arrival in Australia must not be included.

A travel association in its statement told that it would be a great challenge for controlling the behavior and decisions of the students after they Migrate to Australia. Offshore agents must be recognized for the key work they do.

The most significant task of making students and parents confident about the decision with regards to taking 24-hour flight, reside away from family and friends and the home nation, comes from the offshore agent.

The modifications miss the mark in targeting an actual issue in higher Education of Australia.  Publishing agent information and relating it to the success of the student is just a simple way of shifting the blame rather than addressing the actual issues.

According to the CEO of Australian International Education Association, Phil Honeywood, the publication of information on agents would enhance the service for around 85% of foreign students who are pursuing an education in Australia who utilize agents.

He also told that report on the performance of agent and publishing the information would promote greater accountability and transparency in the relationships. Students deserve better insights on the performance of their agents.

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