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Take advantage of your study abroad program to learn a new language.

Language opens doors to a new culture! Learn while you study abroad

One of the major advantages of going to study abroad in a new country is the opportunity one gets to learn about a new culture and meeting people from different ethnicities. Apart from the higher quality education that one hopes to obtain from a study abroad stint, there are other externalities that one can gain, such as the learning of a new language.

Learning a new language while you start overseas education, can not only open doors to the riches of a new culture but will also look great on your resume. Students who can show their proficiency in speaking more than one language are given extra preference when it comes to job opportunities in this globalized world. Moreover learning a language like French, while you study abroad can help you in scoring points additional points for your CRS score should you decide on immigration to Canada in the future. As is learning German, should you opt to move to Germany or Switzerland? Additionally learning a second language can also benefit you personally as it has been proven to boost brain development, concentration and productivity. Now that we have convinced you on the benefits and importance of learning a new language. We provide you with some tips on acquiring proficiency in a new language. It is not easy by any means and will take quite a bit of hard work and perseverance on your part but it definitely can be done.

Don’t hesitate to speak in the new language

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Many students who are learning a new language while they study abroad are extremely shy about trying out their newly acquired language skills on the locals. They fear that they will be laughed at for their mistakes or for their different accent. However many experts advise that it is important to start talking a new language from the very beginning itself. Making mistakes is a part of the learning process as you learn to grapple with the difficult words and unique accent of the new tongue. Also as a student in a foreign university you will likely be there for a limited amount of time, therefore it’s important to plunge right in and start speaking the new language so that you can make the most of your study abroad time.

Engage in light activity while you learn

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It has been proven by a new study that engaging in light activity such as walking or cycling while you learn a new language can help your brain retain what it has learned better. You can cycle around your university campus while listening to instructional tapes on your iPod or go on the elliptical in your university gym while listening to a podcast on your phone. Many audiobooks and podcasts are available for listening on the go, which can help you exercise while you learn a new language. Exercising helps your brain to release vital neurochemicals which speed up the process of learning in your brain.

Practice wherever you get the opportunity

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One of the mantras of successfully learning a new language is practicing whenever you get the opportunity. When you go to the local café to get your morning cup of Jo, don’t order in English, though the barista there can perfectly understand it. Make the effort to greet him in the local language and place your order in it too. Take the opportunity to speak in the local language while asking for directions or shopping while you study abroad.  It may seem silly and embarrassing at first but doing so will give you a more immersive experience and the confidence you require to speak effortlessly in the new language. It also help to change your social media settings to the new language and watch popular serials and movies in the language with subtitles initially and then when you gain more confidence without the help of subtitles.

Have fun while learning

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Learning a new language need not be a boring endless process of conjugating verbs or memorizing difficult to pronounce phrases. You can make it more fun by joining a community of learners where you can make new friends. You can set challenges and friendly matches for your friends and yourself.  There are a number of apps that make a game out of the learning process which you can add to make it more fun for you. You can also be more adventurous and join an amateur poetry or song writing club in the new language while studying abroad.

Join a community of learners

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As with everything else, there is strength in numbers when learning a new language while you study abroad. Joining a community of learners can give you the opportunity of exchanging notes and asking questions with other learners. If you are not able to join a language class for lack of time or other constraints while you study abroad, you can take your learning process online and rely on any of the many forums dedicated to the purpose.  There are many online forums as well as social media communities that are dedicated to learning a new language and you can find help with your learning process in these forums.

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