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5 ways UK university campuses are COVID-19 secure

1. Implementing increased hygiene measures

The UK higher education sector has gone above and beyond to ensure that international students’ physical and mental health is prioritized.

“Our need is to guarantee you’re ensured close by, so we’ve set up centered cleaning measures over the total of our workplaces, PC gatherings and cooking outlets… We will have an early warning system to detect potential COVID-19 outbreaks in the University community.

5 ways UK university campuses are COVID-19 secureAnd we’ll be providing all of our students with a safety pack on arrival which will include a washable, reusable face covering, and a thermometer and hand sanitizer.” – University of Newcastle

2. Enhancing health, safety and wellbeing measures

Your wellbeing is important and never more so than during this time. We are setting up a prosperity administration which is accessible every minute of every day, which implies you have bolster accessible nonstop, should you need it. – University of Exeter

Our primary objective is to support the wellbeing of our students and staff. There are a range of wellbeing services available which can be used if you feel worried. – Bournemouth University

Honestly, I somehow feel blessed in these strange times since both Chevening and the University of Manchester have been so supportive. – Chevening Scholar 2020

In addition to health care services available directly from your university, NHS services are available to both domestic and international students.

The NHS can also provide international students with specific COVID-19 advice through a new COVID-19 online service or by calling 111.

3. Preparing new and exciting welcome programmes

The UK has a significantly indulgent, multicultural society, with a rich good assortment of social orders, tongues, and convictions. International students will receive a very warm welcome when they arrive on campus.

We want to reassure you that your experience as a student will be safe, enriching and exciting. “This will permit everyone to join an extent of online activities to set you up for school and association you up in every way that really matters with others on”

4. Offering flexible approaches to teaching and learning

Many UK universities are using the latest technology to introduce online learning, to ensure students experience high quality teaching, while staying safe.
“Be guaranteed that our primary goal is to ensure that our Sussex grounds will be a protected spot to live and contemplate.” To ensure this, there will be a mix of classroom (and laboratory-based) and online teaching. – University of Sussex
Your education is so important to us, and we won’t let Corona virus get in the way of you learning and getting the best educational experience. This will incorporate different ways of learning, and will allow you to switch easily between structured, on-campus and online learning as needed. – University of Essex

5. Providing new ways to connect with your university community

Whether social distancing rules still apply in September or not, you will be able to connect and collaborate with Chevening scholars, other university students and teachers. Many students have set up WhatsApp groups and many universities are using the latest bespoke technology to ensure wherever you are, you can fully access your education and support networks.

Fortunately, I have had no reason to ask for help, but I know that if I ever needed it, I would receive support from the Chevening community, and I am ready to be there for others.

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