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Study in USA Costs to Be Lowered By US Government

The US government is taking measures to cut down its tuition costs for higher education, in order to address the increased competition, it is facing from countries like Canada, Australia, Ireland and Singapore in attracting students from countries like India and China.

Study in USA

Indian students continue to be one of the major market shares of universities in USA, and a drop in their applications is causing serious concern to both the government and the educational institutions in the country.  India has always been a powerful partner for USA education and form the second largest group of students who come to study in USA from abroad, and such Indian students need to consider when formulating strategies for growth in the education sector

Initiatives to Attract Indian Students to Study in USA

The government of the United States has taken a number of initiatives to attract and retain students from India.  The most prominent among them is the newly launched 2+2 undergraduate degree program, that allows a student to study at a community college for the first two years of his course and pay a much lower fee and then go on to the actual university, which will grant him the degree for the final two years of his course.

The quality of education provided by the community colleges has also been improved and a student who studies in these colleges can gain the advantage of getting best quality higher education at a significantly lower cost. Many community colleges have also fostered a partnership with some of the best ranked universities in order to provide students with the opportunity to join top courses at a significantly lower cost than what was traditionally paid. Another added advantage of this would be that the student would get to study in two different colleges and thus experience more diversity during their sojourn in the country. The US bureau of educational and cultural affairs has also announced that there are plans on the anvil to launch an Education USA app for India, which will assist Indian students who are planning to study in USA for their higher education and provide them with the needed resources at their finger tips

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